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SIVECO Applications 2011 helps managers take the most profitable decisions

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Production companies can increase their activity volume by 10% when using a high performing ERP

Bucharest, 23th of September 2010 - The companies choosing to introduce IT into their production process can increase their production volume by 10% and can reduce by up to 30% the time allocated to procurement specific to this activity. Under un-automated service, such competitive advantages cannot be reached.

The Production Management Component is part of the Integrated Information System SIVECO Applications 2011 and is one of the most performing products on the Romanian market. The component ensures a detailed production planning for getting the final products on deadline, which brings a significant costs reduction.

"The decision making factors within companies have now available the necessary information and instruments necessary in substantiating an efficient and strictly organized production policy. The Production Management Component allows for defining a transparent processes flow, easy to coordinate and monitor, both from the point of view of resources allocation and usage, and of the final product's quality", has said Danut Stoian, Product Manager within SIVECO Romania.

The advantages obtained by the companies choosing to use this IT tool can be quantified as follows: reducing the raw materials, materials and unfinished production stock by 30%, a 25% reduction of the time for registering and releasing the accounting documents generated from production, a reduction from 1-2 hours to 15 minutes of the time necessary for obtaining all the delivery documents through automatic generation of invoices /delivery notice, an increase by 50% of the cash flow control through highlighting in reports of the necessary liquid assets and decreasing the time for data introduction from 3 days to one day.

Moreover, managers can make decisions much faster, due to the synthesis and analysis functions of SIVECO Applications 2011, functions based on which critical situations can be easier identified or hierarchies can be established regarding the company's main achievements.

The Production Management Component interacts with all the other components of the system SIVECO Applications 2011, through the uniform development concept, the common database used, the graphical interface and through the continuous exchange of information necessary for running the production flows.