SIVECO Applications 2011 helps reducing by 30% the time for payroll calculations | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Applications 2011 helps reducing by 30% the time for payroll calculations

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Payroll Management Component from SIVECO Romania allows performing all the payroll related calculations according to the newest changes in legislation

Bucharest, 20th of October 2010 - The integrated and efficient management of all the interest information referring to the employees' salaries are vital objectives for any company, either private or state owned. These objectives are the more important now, given the frequent changes of legislation in the field of payroll and of staff reduction within the human resources departments. The Component of Payroll Management and Human Resources Management - belonging to the integrated information package SIVECO Applications 2011 - helps the departments that have to perform with reduced staff complex situations, aligned to the legislative changes.

Through the component provided by SIVECO Romania, organizations obtain reducing time for carrying out various situations required by the legislation in force, the possibility to perform "what if" type of simulation regarding the evolution of the salaries fund and of taxes paid by the company for appropriate budget allotment, performing payroll, both for those starting from a basic gross salary, and for those starting from a net salary set in a specific currency. Practically, the activity allocated to the period of salaries calculation is reduced by 30%.

"The Component for Payroll Management and Human Resources Management allows performing all the calculations in conformity to the legislation in force, recording of any change in legislation without affecting pervious months. The actual salaries calculation can be performed every time one wishes this, for the entire company or only for a restricted group of employees. Moreover, it is not necessary to be performed at the end of the month, instead it can be done even during the month, a useful thing in identifying the sums necessary for payment of salaries", has said Gabriela Ichim, Product Manager SIVECO Romania.