SIVECO Applications 2011 helps transport companies to substantially reduce costs | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Applications 2011 helps transport companies to substantially reduce costs

Monday, November 1, 2010

Introducing IT into the transport operations ensures efficient use of the conveying means and staff too

Bucharest, 1st November 2010 - The competition on the transports market, where 25,000 companies having a transport license are active, gets fiercer and fiercer due to constant raise of fuel prices and decreasing transports volume. Thus, more and more economic operators have understood the utility of a performing IT solution that will efficiently manage the activity of the conveying agents they own.

An optimal solution for monitoring and increasing the efficiency of the conveying agents' activities in an organization is the component of Transports Management, a solution included in the integrated package SIVECO Applications 2011.

This module of the integrated information system provided by SIVECO Romania allows optimization of operational costs through an efficient use of the conveying agents and of the staff associated to them.

The component provided by SIVECO Romania significantly contributes to the human monitoring and management of human, material and technical resources, allocated to transport activities, generation and management of reports referring to the transport activities, calculation of profitability quotients, and reduction of costs implied by the transport process.

The Transports Management application has been conceived to allow operative management of the automobile conveying agents and of the resources for the conveying agents, issuing the vehicle logbook, highlighting the restrictions on the validity of taxes and necessary notices, performing the calculation of the forwarding agent's notices per types of fuel, based on the defined quotients, of the features of the conveying agents, of types of locations and road conditions, creation of an IT- based ?archive? with the documents of the transportation means.

"There is a perfect interoperability between the component of Transports Management and the other components included in the integrated information system SIVECO Applications 2011, such as Fixed Assets Management or Maintenance Management. The customers of SIVECO Romania that have achieved costs reduction through introducing IT to transport operations come from various fields of activity, such as sanitation, public food service, supply of oil products or energy sector", has stated Ghenadie Gandrabura, Project Manager within SIVECO Romania.