SIVECO Applications 2011 proposes innovative technologies for Romanian economy's priorities | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Applications 2011 proposes innovative technologies for Romanian economy's priorities

Monday, November 29, 2010

"Excelelence Award" at the RoCS 2010 Gala for the SIVECO Applications 2011 components dedicated to Waste Management and Project's Financial Management

Bucharest, 29th of November 2010 - SIVECO Romania has received the Excellence Award for "the capacity of the solution SIVECO Applications 2011 to meet through innovative technologies the economic priorities, by means of the Waste Management and Project's Financial Management components". The prize was awarded at the category "IT and the economy", within the 16th edition of Romanian Computer Show 2010 Gala (RoCS), the most important B2B event of the year, organized by IDG Romania.

"Adjusting to the market needs is the objective we are constantly focused on. The solutions we are dedicated to organizations in Romania are extremely useful, especially in the context of accessing European funds. Through the Project's Financial Management Component we are supporting the nongovernmental organizations, private companies, public institutions eligible for structural funding and especially project coordinators and to staff responsible of carrying out and the financial management of projects. Through the Waste management component we are addressing to Romanian organizations entering the European market - an already mature market, with wellknown players, holding strong positions and with exacting consumers. The complex IT system we provide ensure coherence as regards information, technology and infrastructure, that a high performing management needs, but also the compliance with the legal regulations in force", has stated Lacramioara Barseti, Line of Business Director SIVECO Applications, within SIVECO Romania.

"At this 16th edition of ROCS, we have awarded those who have identified the correct trends and areas where the IT market will become again one of the Romanina economy's engines", has stated Mihaela Gorodcov, General Manager IDG Romania.

SIVECO Romania has been awarded at RoCS Gala in 2008 for the solution developed at the Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture (APIA) and in 2007 for the implementation and promotion of the Unique Integrated Information System (SIUI) in Romania, as well as for the biggest R&D (Research & Development) investments.