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SIVECO Applications 2011- Solutions for the 21st century business

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bucharest, 18th March 2009 - SIVECO Romania announces the launch of SIVECO Applications 2011. The latest version of its successful EAS product builds on existing reliability and powerful functionality to enrich its successful product offering. SIVECO Romania has over 17 years experience in developing business management solutions, further enhancing its reputation as Romania’s most successful software house.  

Development of SIVECO Applications 2011 primarily focused on feedback obtained from existing beneficiaries while integrating the latest technological advancements. SIVECO Applications 2011 offers advanced functionality intended to empower users, while presenting new components designed to optimise the user experience.  

SIVECO Applications 2011 add-on modules include newly developed and specialised components such as: Waste Management, Laboratory Activities, GIS, Manufacturing Planning (Order Planning, Human and Material Resource Planning), Crisis Management, On-line access to employee information (Employee Self-Service), Utility Consumption Management, Local Tax and Duty Management, The Agricultural Registry and the Civil Register. 

The business landscape continues to change. In recognition of this reality, SIVECO Romania has developed several new components that facilitate Maintenance Management, Inventory Management and Procurement Management. The purpose of these latest developments is to provide users with a complete set of IT instruments, adapted to support increasingly specialised sectors of activity.                        

"The development of this latest version of EAS began with requirements from existing customers, sourced from several industries. These beneficiaries are continually searching for high-end business management applications. To fulfill this need for the latest in high-tech quality with recognised reliability standards, SIVECO Romania is proud to introduce SIVECO Applications 2011 as the Premium product in its category," declared Aurora Crusti, Deputy Vice President Commercial Division within SIVECO Romania.  

SIVECO Applications 2011 offers an improved system structure, as well as advanced functionalities and enhanced usability.

Among these improvements, users will benefit from optimised information storage and retrieval, considerably reduced response time combined with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to deliver an efficient and productive working environment. 

"SIVECO Applications 2011 significantly contributes to the business performance and profitability of its beneficiaries. The launch of SIVECO Applications 2011 was made possible thanks to the professional dedication and support of our specialists and consultants. Since the inception of the idea to create this new and advanced product, we were fully aware of the challenge to develop and configure a software application of this caliber. We are confident that this solution will represent the latest market success for SIVECO Romania. Companies of the 21st century will need such a product," affirmed Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.