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How do you reduce costs and enhance the HR department’s efficiency

Monday, November 24, 2014

Data security and protection is maintained by Payroll Management Component of SIVECO Romania

The salary changes or the employees’ career development plan are managed carefully with the help of the Payroll Management Component and Human Resources Component, which are part of the integrated information package SIVECO Applications 2020.

Through this application provided by SIVECO Romania, organizations achieve reducing time necessary for carrying out different reports requested by the legislation in force, the possibility to perform simulations regarding the evolution of the salary cap and of the taxes paid by the company for proper budget allocations, performing payroll calculations, both for those salaries starting from a base gross salary, as well as for those starting from a net (take-home) salary established in a certain currency. Practically, time spent on activities for salaries calculation is reduced by 30 percent.

“Our customers enjoy the facilities provided by the Personnel Payroll Management component regarding the salaries’ configuring, operating, calculating and reporting. The result achieved is that of an integrated management of employees within the organization, of salaries, advances, bonuses, increases, deductions and withholdings, together with a clear monitoring of employees’ activities”, said Adriana Bârzoiu, Technical Leader, SIVECO Romania.

The Human Resources Management component provides the personnel selection and recruitment , employees record with many personal and professional details, employees record and participation in professional training events, individual career monitoring, carrying out a methodology for employee efficiency evaluation based on qualitative and quantitative indicators, statistical reporting of different indicators. The component in structured on three functional modules managing s the cycle of Human Resources development and monitoring within the company: Personnel Management Module, Personnel Recruitment and Selection Module, Personnel Training Module.

The application, implemented in many private, as well as public companies, lead to decreasing efforts undertaken in current activities concerning human resources management and ensured information security and protection.