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SIVECO Applications 6w<SUP>3</SUP> Integrated Package - Solutions for Business Efficiency Growth

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Bucharest, 9th April 2002 - section addressed to ERP solutions drew the attention of the already famous companies on the Romanian market.

Well-known among large and medium-sized companies, SIVECO Romania answered at the invitation to attend this event, being aware that the software products and solutions promotion meets the growing demands of the main branches of the national economy.

"SIVECO Applications integrated package plays a major role in changing the users? working mentality", said at the beginning of her presentation Lora Crusti, SIVECO Applications Department Manager. "SIVECO Applications is the only ERP solution entirely developed in Romania and addressed to large and medium-sized organizations."

This solution reflects SIVECO Romania experience since its foundation in 1992, each year new version of the existing modules or even new ERP software products being launched. The total effort of developing and implementing SIVECO Applications accounted for 40 specialists/year and ran during 7 years.

The problems solved by the modules of the integrated package proposed by SIVECO are:

economic management,

data flow automation,

data consistency and coherence,

fast data retrieval and reporting,

restoration of software flows during implementation, the modules keeping their functionality.

The numerous success references certify the value of the ERP package developed and promoted by SIVECO Romania. The success cases portfolio includes customers such as the Constanta Sea Harbour Administration, SNP Petrom and its subsidiaries, the Romanian Customs, subsidiaries of TERMOELECTRICA, ALRO Slatina etc.

The main benefits of the package are:

The capacity of improving the companies' activities, productivity increase, the rational use of material and human resources, the effective and detailed knowledge of incomes and expenses resulting in cost reduction;

A better user orientation leading to higher efficiency and the gain of new markets;

A better communication with customers resulting in a better integration and a more efficient cooperation.

Beside these benefits, one can notice important technical and economical advantages caused by the fast information and easy access to a huge and diversified volume of data. The operational efficiency grew significantly, the costs of all operations are reduced and the effectiveness of the company is improved.

"In addition to the price/performance ratio which is extremely favourable, the users of this solution benefit of a flexible purchase system, SIVECO Romania policy being oriented towards long-term partnerships with the customers", Crusti declared. "This is also supported by the honesty and professionalism of our specialists who are well-known in Romania and abroad and whose activity aims to meet customers' well defined and negotiated requirements."