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SIVECO Applications, a high-quality product confirmed by successful implementations

Thursday, October 16, 2003

Bucharest, 16th October 2003 - The most important ERP providers on the Romanian market participated at the Business-to-Business Forum within BIZ Days, which took place on 16th October at World Trade Center.

 SIVECO Romania participation consisted in the organization of a workshop on "Information Solutions for Enterprise Resource Planning", as well as in the short presentation of the company’s capabilities at the conference for the ERP solutions. The event was an excellent opportunity to present, in front of an informed audience, SIVECO Applications solution - an efficient product, perfectly adapted to the demands of the Romanian market, whose references stand for the warranty of its performances. 

"According to SIVECO, a high-quality management, adapted to the market demands, involves the achievement of a complex information system, able to provide information, technologic and infrastructure coherence", declares LORA CRUSTI, SIVECO Applications Department Manager, at "Information solutions for business development" conference.

"The implementation and use of SIVECO Applications system determines an improvement of the organization activity by productivity increase, a judicious use of human and material resources, operative and detailed information about incomes and expenses and the possibility to reduce costs. Furthermore, the users are better oriented in the business environment, which leads to an increased concurrency between them. And, last but not least, the improved communication between a company and its partners allows a better integration and cooperation", CRUSTI explains.

The participants in the workshop organized by SIVECO Romania could also assist to a demonstration of SIVECO Applications components features; the presentations focused on Production Management, a business solution for unique products, small and average series production (product batches).  Production Management component - integrated in SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System - is made up of a series of applications, processes and specific functionalities, having the production efficiency and acceleration as main feature.

"Production Management has a privileged position within SIVECO Applications Integrated System, as it is the leading mechanism in an organization dynamics", said Lăcrămioara BARSETI, Project Manager at SIVECO Romania. "An independent component with complete functionality, Production Management interacts actively with all the other SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System elements, by the unitary development design, the database commonly used, graphical interface and the constant information exchange necessary for production flows."

As a very useful information tool in the current production activities, Production Management component allows the design of a transparent process flow, easy to co-ordinate, both in point of resource distribution and use and final product quality. The application provides the decision makers all the information and processes necessary for establishing an efficient and well-organized production policy.

The implementation of Production Management component leads to:

  • Productivity increase
  • Cost reduction
  • Performances monitoring 
  • Automation of the production flow
  • Information security

This solution is now implemented at important organizations in Romania, among which there can be mentioned AEROSTAR Bacău, MEVA, Astrabus ARAD etc.

About SIVECO Applications

As it functions in Oracle environment and database, SIVECO Applications represents a high performance Integrated Information Systems.

This complete ERP solution, entirely developed in Romania, includes modules solving the main problems faced by all large and medium-sized organizations:

  • economic management,
  • data flow automation,
  • data consistency and coherence,
  • quick information recovery and report,
  • information flows re-design.

Since 1994 SIVECO Romania has launched at least a new version for each Integrated Package component every year, maintaining their compatibility with all previous versions. The creation of new versions was determined, first of all, by the requests of the company's clients, then by the changes in the legislation, or by the new approaches of the covered issues and the changes in the IT field.

The overall effort to develop and implement the SIVECO Applications integrated package accounts for some 50 men/year over a nine-year period.

SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System, which is web-enabled, covers complex organizational functionalities:  finance - accounting, production management, human resources and payroll management, planning and assisting the human resources evolution and their payroll, non-movable tangible assets, fix assets and inventory objects management, budget management, stock, deposits and purchasing management, clients, rates, order and supplies management, contracts and commissions definition and assistance, maintenance management, investments management, tariffs management, transportation management, parameters and norms management, services management, billing, document and workflow management, reports for the management department, decision making and economic analyses.

The package integration is given by the unitary development conception, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, by the Oracle development environment and database.  Advantages provided to the user:

  • The communication between components is achieved by default by using a common database.
  • The user benefits of the same graphical interface, all the components using the same standard related to windows, work methods and information items. 
  • Data security is dealt with in a unitary manner, while the user’s access rights can be established up to the most detailed level: the operations (view, add, modify, delete) in every presentation module and even the data in the database.
  • Component development in the integrated package was achieved based on the requirements of the users without information knowledge, but who were experts in their fields of activity. That’s why the ensemble of the components made possible the specific problem solving of the covered fields of activity.

As a current work tool within the company, the Integrated Information Package contributes significantly to:

  • keeping the activity ordered and rhythmical - which is imposed by the applications integration; 
  • implicit check of all the activities, at the integrated data flow level it is part of;
  • an increase in the received, processed and transmitted data coherence and accuracy;
  • an increase in the documents processing speed, the elimination of the down time and of the documents processed manually;
  • activities control and decision making at management level, based on the analysis indicators;
  • strict control of the access to data;
  • keeping the data safe, using them only if it is necessary and in the corresponding presentation form, due to the security mechanisms, implemented at department, user and registration levels.

The direct advantages of the SIVECO Applications system - revealed by the beneficiaries’ testimonials - include:

  • a better control at internal financial level;
  • the management is provided a way to analyze the current conditions and business trends, by visualizing and processing the statistical and historical financial data;
  • the efforts of the administrative and financial teams are focused more on the essential activities and less on working with papers, registrations, checking or filling-in the forms;
  • the management can have quick access to critical information for decision making;
  • high access speed to information and advanced methods for data recovery;
  • quick information transfer between work points;
  • the system provides information and access to information security, based on user name and individual password;
  • the possibility to centralize and consolidate the information in the entire system - which has especially financial implications.

According to the IDC study concerning the ERP market for 2002 SIVECO Romania has increased its market share, with 10,8% of the ERP market in 2002. Both in 2001 and 2002 SIVECO Applications was the first in the top of the Romanian ERP solutions, while SIVECO Romania ranks among the first three ERP providers in Romania.

Over 1800 customers all over the world are currently using SIVECO modules. Among them, over 200 are using SIVECO Applications system (or its modules) in Romania - among the Romanian clients there can be mentioned important companies such as Valea Jiului Autonomous Water Company (RAAVJ), AEROSTAR, Constanta Sea Harbour Administration, SNP Petrom and its subsidiaries, TERMOELECTRICA branches, Romanian Customs, the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCTI) etc.