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SIVECO Applications increases its share on the Romanian management information solutions market

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bucharest, 10th of October 2007 – According to the recent study elaborated by International Data Corporation (IDC), the Romanian EAS (Enterprise Application Software) market registered a growth of 17.5%, to a total value of $52.97 million at the end of year 2006. The first five “actors” continue to hold more than three-quarters of the local market.

The growth factors were generally the same as in the previous year, as the most important ones referred to economic growth, preparation to European Union accession and for the free market competition, as well as to the need to align to European standards. Never the less, the consolidation of a mature market and of the way companies see investments in management software and their long-term benefits have also contributed to the local EAS market’s evolution.  

According to the same study, in 2006, SIVECO Romania holds 21.2% from the local EAS market, meaning $11.25 million, and places itself on the second position in the market’s hierarchy. The company is once again, for another consequent year, in the top three providers of EAS solutions on the local market, as the single Romanian company with such performances in the latest years, capable to successfully compete globally renowned solutions.   

The IDC study divides the Romanian EAS market in ERM (Enterprise Resource Management) solutions – the most important segment of the market, followed by SCM (Supply Chain Management) solutions, Operations & Manufacturing Applications, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and Business Analytics – the sector with the biggest growth in 2006.

SIVECO Romania holds first position on two of the market segments, the most important ones considering their value in 2006. In this respect, SIVECO Romania holds 23.10% from ERM solutions’ market and 30.30% from the SCM solutions’ one, in a hierarchy of Romanian companies but also multinationals. In the same time, in the sector with the biggest growth in 2006 – the Business Analytics solutions sector, SIVECO Romania places on the second position, with a market share of 31.6%.

“We permanently keep in touch with the trends the specialists indicate for the Romanian EAS market. This is also the reason we address to large and medium organizations that are real interested in software investment, understanding the benefits they can win on long term by using management software. In this respect, our information integrated package runs for over 550 clients from every economical sector, such as manufacturing, banking, transport, telecom or government etc., proving the quality and flexibility of a 100% Romanian solution that brings European productivity”, declares Aurora Crusti, Line of Business Senior Director at SIVECO Romania.

The very good evolution of the company on the Romanian EAS market – a market that is more and more confronted with intense competition and requirements, is due to the 2006 $11.25 million sales for its own EAS solution – SIVECO Applications integrated information package. As a direct result, the Romanian software producer increased its market share with almost 2%, reaching 21.2% from the 19.3% - the market share held in 2005.