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SIVECO Applications Integrated Information System presentation seminar

Monday, October 31, 2005

Bucharest, 31st of October 2005 - The latest SIVECO Romania seminar dedicated to organizations intrested in optimizing their business processes with the help of IT solutions, took place in Bucharest.

The presentations and live demonstrations made by SIVECO Romania’s specialists tageted representatives of diffrent industries such as transport industry, telco and retail industry, banking industry and public administration.

„Using performant EAS solutions, perfectly cusomized to every organization’s needs represent a competitive advantage, especialy that now Romania prepare its adhesion to the European Union” says Codruţ Iancu, Sales Representative within SIVECO Romania.

Such a solution is SIVECO Applications Integrated Package, entirely developed in Romania, flexible and perfectly adapted to Romanian economy and legislation changes. Based upon an experience of over 11 years, the SIVECO Applications Integrated Package has been developed progressively based upon more and more varied requirements of the system beneficiary, passing the time test and the legislation and technological changes test from the Romanian and international market.    

The integrated feature of the Package components is given by the homogenous principle taken into account when developing them. The user benefits from the same graphic interface, since all components use the same standard referring to windows, work types, information objects. Likewise, the data security is treated equally, and the access rights of the beneficiary may be determined to the most detailed level possible.    

Using an integrated information system, one cound obtain various benefits, such as increased productivity, optimum resources control and distribution etc, and all could be grouped in general benefits and quantitative benefits.

Among the quantitative benefits we can mention:

  • 20% inventory reduction, by better iventory planning and programing;
  • 5% costs reduction for materials, by improving procurement procedures and client negotiation procedures;
  • 10%  costs reduction for direct and indirect manual labour, by improving production processes;
  • Improving coordination between sales and production leads to a sales increase with 10% and improved relationship with the client;
  • The improvement of  financial control shorthen invoice payment dates with minimum 18%.

Among general benefits we can mention:

  • Effects upon products designing (better control of modifications);
  • Effects upon production and material management (production program simulation etc);
  • Effects upon sales (improving  the compliance of delivery);
Effects upon Management system (management’s focus on improving organizational structure, on clients’s requests, etc.).