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SIVECO Applications - a performant solution for the management of the resources in every organization

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Bucharest, January 29th 2004 - SIVECO România continues this year the tradition of organizing seminars to present the ERP slution SIVECO Applications to the prospective clients.

These kind of events come to fill in the persistent demand for better understanding the ERP systems on the Romanian market.

The performances of the integrated information system, the direct dialogue established between SIVECO?s specialists (whose expertise is certified by several success refferences in Romania and abroad) and the propective clients from the entire business area lead to development of medium and long term commercial partnerships.

The event organized in Bucharest benefited from the presence of over 42 organizations from every business sector, form Bucharest, as well as from other areas of thr country.

The presentation performed by the SIVECO?s representatives included examples of how the components of the intergrated system SIVECO Applications work - Financial Accounting Counting, Mentainance Managements, Inventory and Acquisitions, as well as the management information system SIVECO Business Analyzer.

SIVECO BUSINESS ANALZYER raised a lot of interest among the audience, mainly made up of managers.

" We were extremely pleased to see that many of the questions coming from the audience focused on the SIVECO Analyzer component, an essential tool for grounding the decisions and establishing the economic analyses for any organzation management", states Mr. Liviu DINCĂ, Direct Sales Manager at SIVECO România.

"The complexity of the SIVECO Applications system as well as its integration capability determined us to present it globally, insisting with the demos and explications upon the audience request."

The participants expressed their appreciation towards the importance of the management information system proposed by SIVECO Romania, and declaring they are convinced by the benefits brought by SIVECO Applications to their organizations

Among the main benefits of using the SIVECO solution, we can mention:

  • -efficient management of the company resources;
  • -automation of the financial- accounting in order to get the financial reports in due time;
  • -processing the accounting information in accordance with the Accounting International standards, with the possibility to emphasize the fiscal influences;
  • -flexible defining of the financial reports (Balance, Losses and Profit Account, the Situation of Cash Flow, Notes and so on) from the level of detail, of report segment point of view, the possibility to define the synthetic indicators, previsions and analyses.