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SIVECO Applications presentation at Cluj-Napoca

Monday, July 19, 2004

Bucharest, 19th of July 2004 - The commercial strategy of SIVECO Romania aims for the constant dialogue with the potential clients.

The numerous events for presenting the company’s products-such as the seminars, that took place in Bucharest and other towns on the country also helped to consolidate the image of SIVECO Romania as a really successful business partner.

The most recent seminar for presenting SIVECO Applications solution was organized at Cluj-Napoca, together with two of the local partners of SIVECO Romania, SISTEC and ELEKTROWEIGL.

SIVECO Romania’ specialists addressed to an audience formed of production managers, IT responsible, general managers and economic managers, sales representatives within commercial organizations from Cluj-Napoca, Dej, Satu Mare, as well as participants within academic area.

One of the components of SIVECO Applications presented within the seminar is Production Management Component, the most powerful and performant software instrument on Romanian market, that helps managing the preparation, scheduling, launching, follow-up and control of the production processes

The product is used by a series of important companies in Romanian industry, being consolidated and validated taking into account the observations and needs of SIVECO Romania’s clients from different industries: aeronautics (Aerostar), automotive and car industry (Astrabus, MEVA, ROMVAG), furniture producers (Libertatea), telecommunication (Topex), equipment producers (Anticoroziv, Romanceram, Uztel) etc.

Every process within an organization is managed by a dedicated component, thus enabling data complex integration, unique and accurate data. The data is stored in a single Oracle database, being available at any time for analysis, reports, and statistics. Within the seminar there were also presented Inventory Management Component, Procurement Management Component, Contracts Management Component, Financial- Accounting Component, Budgets Management Component, products integrated in SIVECO Applications Integrated Package.

This time, the „star” of the seminar was SIVECO Business Analyzer, an analysis, interpretation and data processing instrument. Taking into account the data one can imagine various scenarios, thus it can be used for forecasting and prognosis activities, for identifying the important trends of the market. In addition, information processing is done in real-time, because the instrument monitors and correlates all the activities of the organization, the decisions being based on real and actual data.

„The continuous and the more and more often changes that occur in the international society have to be sustained by a constant contribution of all active companies in IT industries. Through these seminars we try to be close to our partner, offering customized, integrated and easy to use solutions, thus helping them find the best methods to solve their problems”, declares Lora CRUSTI, manager of SIVECO Applications Department.