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SIVECO Applications Presentation Seminar at Brasov

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Bucharest, 29th October 2002 - SIVECO Romania aims this year is to organize presentation seminars of its SIVECO Applications ERP solution, at its potential clients. Such events, which have already taken place in Pitesti, Iasi, Arad, Tulcea, Timisoara, Cluj, had a large audience, a reason strong enough to continue this action in other cities of the country.

"This year's experience, when, besides organizing the monthly seminar in Bucharest, we planned to organize similar events all over the country, has proved to be very useful", declared Irina Socol, General Manager at SIVECO Romania.

"It is obvious that organizing presentations right in front of our potential clients will become a more efficient practice in order to attract new users for our solution for the company?s resource management. Taking into account that it is essential for the presentation to have decision makers present and their time is very precious, we believe this option makes possible the presentation, in a way as efficient as possible for the possible clients, of an indispensable tool for the modern manager - the integrated information system. We will continue next year to organize similar actions in cities like Targu Mures, Petrosani, Targoviste, Giurgiu."

On the 29th October, a team from SIVECO Romania organized, at the chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Brasov, a seminar to present the main features of the application - with examples of the way the financial-accounting management component functions, SIVECO ANALYZER information management system, the component for assisting and planning the budgets, the component for the Maintenance, Stocks and Acquisition Management, as well as the one meant for the human resources and payroll, work.

Taking into account the fact that SIVECO Romania has a complex activity to develop the Internet Space, the abilities to develop the company on the web were also presented during the seminar, with examples of similar successful projects, for local and international clients.

Experienced specialists in SIVECO Romania, certified by the successful references from implementations at over 120 clients in Romania, presented the applications. The seminar became an interactive event, the numerous questions of the public proving the public's interest - representatives of 20 important companies, well known both at national and international level, such as: Electroprecizie, Gabis, MAROMA, Tractorul Brasov. Representatives of local public administration attended as well the event.