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SIVECO Applications Seminar at Constanţa

Thursday, July 17, 2003

Bucharest, 17th July, 2003 - A SIVECO Romania team, made up of Commercial and Implementation Departments representatives, organized, at the fancy Constanţa Casino, a seminar meant to present the guests all the basic facilities of the integrated software package (ERP) - SIVECO Applications - and of SIVECO ANALYZER management information system, with examples of the way this complex analysis tool works.

Among the participants at the seminar there can be mentioned Constanţa Prefect, representatives of the local public administration and of 40 private and public companies in Constanţa.

The event was an interactive one and the technical presentations were accompanied by examples of successful references acquired by SIVECO Romania after implementations at the over 150 customers in Romania.

Such a successful national project SIVECO was involved in was the implementation of the integrated information package at Constanţa Sea Harbour Administration (APMC). The client itself, represented by Gheorghe Moldoveanu, the company’s General Manager, presented this success story, as well as the way SIVECO Applications deals with the resource management problems at APMC. The seminar organized at Constanţa is part of the information solution presentations that SIVECO Romania aims to organize this year in different Romanian cities. Such events, highly appreciated by the audience, have already been organized in Bucharest, Baia Mare, Alba Iulia, Craiova, Târgu Mureş.

"Experience proved that people are highly interested in the information solutions for enterprise resource management, in getting acquainted with the characteristics of our integrated information system, SIVECO Applications. As it is essential for us to have decision makers present at our seminars and since their time is very limited, we believe that this option makes possible the presentation, as efficiently as possible for our potential clients, of an indispensable tool for the modern manager  - the integrated information system", believes Irina SOCOL, General Manager, SIVECO Romania.

About SIVECO Applications

The package integration is given by the unitary development conception, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, by the Oracle development environment and database. The same graphic interface is displayed to the user, all components using the same Windows based standard. Data security is treated in a unitary way and the user’s access rights are defined in detail.

Components development in the integrated package was achieved based on the users’ requirements.

SIVECO Romania produces yearly at least a new version of all the components of the Integrated Package, being compatible with the previous versions. The release of new versions is imposed by the users’ needs by modifications in legislation and by changes in the information technology environment. 

The Integrated Information System perfectly covers each company management problems from different fields of activity, avoiding redundant solutions.

More than 1 500 clients are using SIVECO Application in the world.

Among them, over 150 are located in Romania - among the clients in our country we can mention important companies such as RAAVJ, AEROSTAR, Constantza Sea Harbour Administration, SNP Petrom and its subsidiaries, subsidiaries of TERMOELECTRICA, Romanian Customs, The Ministry of Communication and Research and the list could continue.

About SIVECO Business Analyzer

By the analysis instruments it offers, SIVECO ANALYZER helps the managers identify the basic trends on the market so that they can plan their own strategies, support the decisional process in the planning, assisting, control and prognosis activities; it provides information support for adopting strategies in order to efficiently launch the products on the market and control costs, as well as for identifying possible sources for profit increase.

The used technology, OLAP (analytical processing in due time), is one of the latest and highest performance technologies in the field of data processing, which answers the modern requests for economic analysis and decision support necessary to the enterprises activating in a competitive environment. The used Oracle technology is one of the greatest advantages our product provides, as this technology  performances in processing great data volumes are well known. 


  • Data representation can be in graphic or table form. The user can choose the way of representation taking into account the advantages each of them can offer. (The graphic representation is easy to interpret, explore and analyze, while the table one is more exact); 
  • The possibility to define all indicator for which there is a data support on a relational environment or in fix or variable form text;
  • Access, in due time, to the information in the database - the accessed data are organized in sub-sets corresponding to the sorting criteria specified by flexible and dynamic interrogations of the data bases; 
  • Interest data selection for analyses and syntheses, in a friendly graphical manner;
  • Definition of relations and dependencies between pieces of information and selection of the presentation method for the extracted data set, which gives the user the possibility to edit and format the outgoing information.
  • Complex activities analyses, both at the whole company level and at any administrative division level.
  • "WHAT IF?" scripts, simulations and predictions of the economic and financial indicators dynamics, obtaining thus coherent information both for short and medium term managerial decisions and establishing the long term policy and strategy.

About NEPTUN, the project for computerizing Constanţa Sea Harbour Administration

In the fall of 1998, Bull Group in association with its partners, SIVECO Romania SA and CRESCENDO International, started the NEPTUN Integrated Information System project within Constanţa Sea Harbour Administration (APMC), one of the greatest and most complex integrated information systems developed by now in Romania. NEPTUN - as the project is called - created the premises for the Harbour Administration to have access in due time to all the data related to harbour traffic - the basis for an efficient and high-quality management, as well as for a complex development  strategy.

APMC Management Integrated Information System implementation was an important step in putting into practice this ambitious strategy for turning Constanţa Harbour into a real East Europe Gateway. The project included the design, configuration and implementation of a complete solution (servers and work stations, networks and information applications). 

The information solution, which materialized in the integrated information system called "NEPTUN", is made up of an ERP application system based on SIVECO Applications, which covers completely all the characteristic activities of the harbour administrations.  The solution includes the whole process cycle specific to a complex project, starting from the customer’s analysis situation, the development of specific functionalities, testing, installing and customizing the applications, as well as integrated software components monitoring.

The implemented Integrated Information System covers a large business area defined by 850 de processes.

The project started with a rigorously established plan, which included a very detailed analysis of the activities which took place within Constanţa Sea Harbour Administration, materialized in the definition of 287 current activities and 868 work procedures. These activities and procedures turned into information applications by achieving 17 integrated information applications including 168 modules with complex functionalities.