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SIVECO Applications seminar at Târgu Mureş

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

Bucharest, 24th June - A SIVECO Romania team, including members of the Commercial and Implementation departments, organized on the June 19, at Targu Mures a seminar to present the basic features of the software integrated package (ERP) - SIVECO Applications - with examples of the way modules like financial-accounting (with facilities related to the International Accounting Standards alignment - IAS), Maintenance, Inventory and Purchase Management or Production Management, Management Information System (SIVECO ANALYZER) work.

The seminar organized at Targu Mures is part of the information solution presentations SIVECO Romania aims to organize this year, in different cities of the country. Such events, highly appreciated by the audience, have already been organized in Bucharest, Baia Mare, Alba Iulia, Craiova.

"We were proved once again that there is much interest for ERP products, for becoming familiar with enterprise resource planning products, with our SIVECO Applications integrated information package features ", declares Irina SOCOL, SIVECO Romania General Manager. 

The technical presentations were exemplified by presentations of our successful references  following the implementations at the over 140 clients in Romania.

The seminar was an interactive one, the audience consisting of representatives of local public administration and over 24 private and public companies, including DISTRIGAZ NORD, SC VES SA, SC STIMET SA, TEXTILA MURES, ENERGOMUR , SC FORAJ SONDE, Local Public Transport.

"It is obvious that presenting our products right at our potential clients headquarters is becoming more and more efficient in order to attract new customers for our enterprise resource planning solution", SOCOL believes. "As it is essential to have decision makers present at such events and their time is very limited, we believe that this option makes possible the presentation, as efficiently as possible for our potential clients, of an indispensable tool for the modern manager -the integrated information system."  

About SIVECO Applications

The package integration is given by the unitary development conception, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, by the Oracle development environment and database. The same graphic interface is displayed to the user, all components using the same Windows based standard. Data security is treated in a unitary way and the user’s access rights are defined in detail.

Components development in the integrated package was achieved based on the users’ requirements.

SIVECO Romania produces yearly at least a new version of all the components of the Integrated Package, being compatible with the previous versions. The release of new versions is imposed by the users’ needs by modifications in legislation and by changes in the information technology environment. 

The Integrated Information System perfectly covers each company management problems from different fields of activity, avoiding redundant solutions.

More than 1 300 clients are using SIVECO Application in the world.

Among them, over 140 clients are using the SIVECO Applications package (or several of its modules) in Romania - among the clients in our country we can mention important companies such as RAAVJ, AEROSTAR, Constantza Sea Harbour Administration, SNP Petrom and its subsidiaries, subsidiaries of TERMOELECTRICA, Romanian Customs, the Ministry of Communication and Research and the list could continue.