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SIVECO Applications - A useful instrument for streamlining the production process

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Bucharest, 1st of February 2006 – Recently, within a seminar that took place in Bucharest, SIVECO Romania’s specialists presented the Production Management Component, having as special guest the IT Manager within Anticorosiv, Mr. Razvan Gheorghe. Anticorosiv successfully implemented the component, as integrated part of SIVECO Application Integrated Package.   

The Production Management Component within SIVECO Applications Integrated Package is now one of the most powerful and efficient  instrument on the market, which helps managing the preparation, scheduling, launching, follow-up and control of the production processes.

The product, together with the other components within SIVECO Applications Integrated Package is used by many important companies in Romanian industry and was consolidated and validated taking into account the needs and observations of SIVECO Romania’s clients.

A real success story is Anticorosiv SA, which besides the production component also implemented, Financing-accounting Management Component, Inventory and Procurement Management Component and Contract Management Component, Human Resources Management Component, Staff payroll Management Component  and  SIVECO Business Analyzer.

The implementation of the Production contributed to a better management of the production activities within Anticorosiv:

  • Production orders are launched monthly for the products made in the current month and with respect to the contracts unrolling;
  • The contract and the production order are very much connected to each other; when selecting the phase of a contract, the data is automatically introduced in that contract;
  • When defining the production orders they are split into two categories: finished and half-finished products;
  • The production orders are automatically grouped by project, thus the spending are easy to follow using this criteria;
  • The work disposals are generated automatically based on the orders selected from production program.

Among the major advantages that the Production Management Component brings to every productive organization we mention: trustful and in-time information as fundament for decision making process, increased activity effectiveness, increased effectiveness of the real process, synchronized activities, processes, departments and people; increased productivity.

“The use of the Production Management Component within the productive companies leads to major benefits such as: increasing profit, competitive advantage and more satisfaction for the customers” declares Mrs. Aurora CRUSTI, Manager of SIVECO Applications Department.