SIVECO brings again to Romania Ruban d'Honneur, awarded by the European Business Awards | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO brings again to Romania Ruban d'Honneur, awarded by the European Business Awards

Friday, August 5, 2011

280 European companies are contending this year for the awards of the prestigious competition, recognized for the exigency of its jury, formed of outstanding personalities at global level

Bucharest, 5th of July 2011 - Within the prestigious competition European Business Awards, organized for over 280 companies from the 27 EU Member States, SIVECO Romania has been appreciated as the most successful Romanian company and one of the most appreciated at European level.

The acknowledgement comes as an outline of the outstanding results in business obtained by the company, for the segment of import/export of software products and services.

SIVECO Romania have become in recent years a reference name at global level, due to the successful implementation of complex projects of introducing IT into 20 countries from the European Union, CIS area, the Near East and Middle East and Africa.

"We are extremely delighted and honored to receive this important award from a very exacting jury, competing with hundred of top companies from the European business community. We have thus the most objective acknowledgement that the project we are running are not just examples of good practice, but have also an outstanding economic and social impact as compared to the projects run throughout the entire European area", says Florin Ilia, Vice-President SIVECO Romania.

The prizes of European Business Awards represent a unique opportunity for organizations to present the projects and to enter into the competition with the most important companies in Europe, as the selection is being made following to extremely strict evaluations. The winners selected to represent their country receive the award Ruban d'Honneur and enter the final for the big prize European Business Award.

"Winning a Ruban d'Honneur award represents a major success. This confirms that your company is in the top of the European Economic Community. This year has been a difficult one for the jury, as we have seen how companies get out of financial difficulties, stand up and get noticed in truly spectacular projects. Their state of mind reflects trust, exuberance and competitiveness", has stated Adrian Tripp, CEO of European Business Awards.

From this perspective, the SIVECO Romania solutions of Enterprise Application Suite, eLearning, eHealth, eAgriculture, eCustoms and eBusiness contributes to improving the activity of over 1,400 major customers at global level, in fields such as education, agriculture, health, banking and finance, telecom or customs. Their impact, the customers' appreciation and recognition in well-known international competitions are the finishing strokes certifying our company's unique expertise in running complex, large scale national projects.

About European Business Awards
European Business Awards is an independent competition organized annually in UK, aiming at promoting excellence in business, examples of good practices and innovation within the European Economic Community, in line with the goals of the European Union and of major business groups in Member States. The competition is sponsored by the banking group HSBC, RSM International and Infosys and organized in association with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI).

The competition attracts every year hundreds of organizations from all the economic sectors, irrespective of their size. European Business Awards promotes the aspiring examples within the European business community, recognizes and promotes the success of individuals or organizations, provides case studies and business model from exceptional companies.