SIVECO Business Analyzer - IT star of the Exhibition of Romanian Society for Metallurgy, at Galati 2004 | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Business Analyzer - IT star of the Exhibition of Romanian Society for Metallurgy, at Galati 2004

Monday, June 7, 2004

7th of June 2004, Bucharest - Recently took place at Galati the Metallurgic Industry Exhibition and that of the Suppliers of materials and services in this domain. SIVECO Romania participated with a stand, the visitors having the chance to discuss with the representatives of the company issues concerning problems and aspects regarding the computerization and software programs.

Within this event, SIVECO Romania had a seminar that focused on presenting, SIVECO Business Analyzer.

SIVECO BUSINESS ANALYZER is a flexible and high performance Management IT System (SIM) that monitors and correlates all the levels of the company activity enabling a real-time analytical and synthetic data processing. The result is a quick and effective response in the decision-making process, since decisions are based on real-time synthesis, consistent, coherent data.

"The technology used, OLAP (On-Line analytical processing), is one of the latest and best technologies in the data processing field that meets modern requirements in terms of economic analysis and decision support necessary for companies operating in a competitive environment" says Aurora Crusti, manager of SIVECO Application department.

By means of the analysis instruments it provides, SIVECO BUSINESS ANALYZER helps the managers identify the important trends of the market in order to plan its own policy, supports the decision-making process in planning, follow-up, control, forecasting and prognosis activities, provides IT support for adopting strategies for cost control and tracking down profit increase sources.

One of the great benefits of this technology is that it allows performing analyses based on data that may be derived from any type of IT systems; in other words, the information accumulated in time, prior processing shall be maintained and used, irrespective of the nature and of the technology used in storing them.

"While carrying out an activity, companies accumulate very large data amounts that, most often, may not be tuned into useful information, either because the used technology does not allow it, or that they do not have an instrument tailored for this purpose. SIVECO Business Analyzer intends to act as an integrator for the available data and to turn them in useful information generating multidimensional analysis generators." Appreciates Aurora Crusti.

The main characteristic of the product is the flexibility given to the user to select the data in the database and format the screen by intuitive instruments. The level of computer knowledge required by an end user is minimum.

SIVECO Romania implemented SIVECO Business Analyzer in organizations that use a large amount of data and business processes such as SNP Petrom - a leader in Romanian oil industry, in exploitation -production sector as well as refining and distribution sector; ROMTELECOM - communication company with the largest number of subscribers; ALRO Slatina - in aluminum industry; Constanta Sea Administration Harbor - specialized in international maritime transportation; Arpechim -one of the best known companies in the country and abroad that activate in crude oil and petrochimistry industry and many others, organizations that have significant impact at national level;

Using SIVECO Business Analyzer, these companies optimized their economic performances, by following indicators such as: the evolution of the received encashment/payments(by days); the evolution of the foresee of the encashment/payments; comparative evolution of encashment/payments, foresee vs. encashment/payments, the evolution of every accomplishments in any period of time; the monitoring of the percentage of payments in the current day. Also, using WHAT IF?" scenarios, simulations and forecasts of the economic-financial indicator dynamics, economic organizations have access to consistent information both for short and medium term managerial decisions and for establishing the long term policy and strategy.