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Improve your business performance

Monday, October 20, 2014

SIVECO Business Analyzer solution enables managers to access the company’s relevant indicators from mobile devices in order to make the best management decisions

Fast access to business information is essential. Therefore software solutions tailored for managers keep pace with their need to be updated with what is happening in the company, either they are in an airport or in a meeting with the clients. Integrated analysis regarding performance indicators offered by Business Intelligence answer the mobility need and are accessible anytime from tablet or smartphone.

The solution for managers - SIVECO Business Analyzer – is a dashboard where they can access multiple criteria analysis on the company’s performance. Because in order to answer to the managers’ need for mobility, the Business Intelligence IT solutions with integrated analysis regarding all company’s indicators must be available at any time.

SIVECO Business Analyzer is among the most efficient management IT systems. Launched a decade ago the system provides managers support in their planning, tracking, control and prognosis activities and IT support on cost control and profit growth resources identification strategies.

From now on, company’s dashboard can be accessed also on mobile devices (such as iPad, iPhone). With the new tool available to managers there is no more space or time limit.

Managers can check out in real time company’s performance indicators, in graphic and table, in a suggestive, easy to manage and personalize form. They can follow on tablet or smartphone the company’s activity troubled areas and can navigate to discover the causes. Thus the company’s global performances can be evaluated in real time and business areas can be improved.

With the support of the solution the relevant information for business development is centralized and filtered automatically. Practically this smart software analyzes and qualifies Big Data providing managers an important support in decision making process and business decisions.

Managers can decide upon the criteria of business analysis and under what format to receive data. Analysis are n-measured, following relevant criteria for each business: clients, suppliers, time intervals, countries, regions, counties, cities, departments, budget structure, accounts, spending, revenue, costs types, employees, employees’ positions, training degree, equipment, interventions types, s.o. And other n-measured indicators can be designed taking into consideration specific requests of each manager and business vertical.

„New IT updates of the solution cut the gap between existent data in transactional systems and aggregate reports from Business Intelligence systems - The Dashboard. N-measured indicators provide manager the business mapping in real (online). The system set up for tablet and smartphone uses alerts - by e-mail, SMS – by which the manager can receive reports from the IT system on preset time periods. With these facilities we support managers that currently use mobile devices and want to be permanently connected to their business”, said Ştefăniţă Ghiţă, SIVECO Applications 2020 Development Director.

SIVECO Romania implemented SIVECO Business Analyzer – Dashboard to public and private organizations that manage Big Data and business processes: Dobrogea Biscuit, GRIRO, Timișoara Airport, Romanian National Health Insurance House, Customs National Authority, National Education Minister, Romanian Naval Authority, Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation, National Agency for Employment (ANOFM), Bucharest City hall, COMVEX, Botoșani County Prefecture, Dâmbovița County Council, Harghita County Council, Brăila Public Utility Company, CERONAV.