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SIVECO Business Analyzer – SIVECO Applications - Improving Process Performance with Collaborative Business Intelligence

Monday, November 22, 2004


Bucharest, November 22, 2004 –  The prestigious ITC market analysis and consultancy company recently organized the Business Intelligence Roadshow CEE 2004, for a better understanding of these solutions and the way they help to improving business processes.

The event gathered together BI applications providers, consultants, representatives of the central administration and companies interested in such solutions, from various industries.

The BI model advanced by SIVECO Romania focuses around the analysis and reporting tool, SIVECO Business Analyzer, management information system that comprises an organization’s activity by complex data processing and provided analysis and reports. The application ensures analysis according to various variables and dimensions.

One of the most useful analysis are the “what if?” scenarios, one step toward the future by changing the indicators, depending on possible driving variables: what if we increase the distribution expenses, how will it affect us? What happens if the revenues decrease, how will it affect us? This type of analysis allows forecasts and a better control over the business, over complex statistics and reports.

With the analysis instruments the company provides, SIVECO Business Analyzer reveals managers the market’s major trends for planning their own policy, support decisional process, monitoring, control and forecast and new revenue streams.

A major advantage this technology provides are the analysis with data support form all known information systems, in other words, the information accumulated in time, previous technological compilations are stored and capitalized, regarding the storage technology.

A brief overview of the benefits SIVECO Business Analyzer comprises:

  • Graphic or sheet form output;
  • The possibility to define any indicator with data history on a relational environment or in form of text files fix or variable;
  • The ability to access real-time information from databases – the data is organized in subsets according to the filtering criteria specified in dynamic and flexible database interrogations;
  • Selecting data for analysis and synthesis, in a graphic, friendly manner;
  • Establishing the types of relations and dependencies between the information and select presentation mode for the extracted data, with the possibility to edit the output data;
  • “What if?” scenarios, simulations and predictions for the economic indexes dynamics, acquiring a coherent information suitable for management decisions on short and medium term and long term strategies.

The SIVECO Business Analyzer is functional for organizations with large volumes of data and business processes, such as RomTelecom – the communication company with the largest number of subscriptions, ALRO Slatina – aluminium production, Constanta Harbor Administration – specialized in international maritime transport, Aerostar –aeronautics and defense industry, Holcim Romania – worldwide provider for constructions.