A SIVECO Christmas gift for two great Romanian artists: Ilinca TOMOROVEANU and Traian STĂNESCU | SIVECO Romania

A SIVECO Christmas gift for two great Romanian artists: Ilinca TOMOROVEANU and Traian STĂNESCU

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bucharest, 16th December – At the UNITER headquarter in Bucharest, in the presence of many artists, SIVECO Romania awarded the “Fondness Prize” to the great artists: Ilinca TOMOROVEANU and Traian STĂNESCU.

In the city life, interferences are permanent and unavoidable, and the general progress can only be produced by the solidarity of all the people involved in the society development –educational system, cultural life, health system, economy. For SIVECO Romania, software company directly involved in the field of information technology, the mission of involving itself with responsibility in the social and cultural development of the community is as important as the involvement in the economic development.

“Every year, Christmas coming brings us the joy of living and feeling more gracefully than any other time of the year”, declares Irina SOCOL, SIVECO Romania’s General. ”Now, more than ever, we feel the joy of saying and following our good thoughts and the deep appreciation for two great artists: Ilinca Tomoroveanu and Traian Stanescu, a couple who, by refinement and discretion show us that sometimes, inner beauty can take the shape of eternal youth and that you can be successful by leaving beautifully. Although we act in different fields of activity, we are guided by life principles and common values we are happy to share with you in UNITER’s generous house.

First class actors from the National Theater in Bucharest Ilinca TOMOROVEANU and Traian STĂNESCU are part of a brilliant generation of the Romanian theater.

Generous and optimist, full of humor and warmth, the two artists share with love cultural treasures with their friends belonging to different generations and professions:

„Octavian Goga was, from my mother’s side, the 16th generation of culture and priests’ descendants. My grandmother used to say, read and sing Goga’s lyrics. We used to go to Răşinari, and we got used to it being our second home”, says Ilinca Tomoroveanu.

As beautiful as always, younger than ever, Ilinca Tomoroveanu beams a special, profound light, fed by a very tonic life credo:

„There are few people who have the power to sacrifice themselves for the others, to give up their ivory tower for the agora...Personally, I was lucky to be in the theater world in a time when the most important artists of the country were still living and acting, that I played with them, I was lucky to have good parts and good directors. The rest comes from God.”

„I am not used to being awarded, but...there is always a beginning”, says in  humour Traian Stănescu. In the sober register, he adds: „I think that everything I played, better or worth is part of my career. A career is made up piece by piece. You feel sorry when a show didn’t come out right...An actor’s parts are like his children. If a child is uglier or less talented, you still love him, don’t you?”

Already a tradition for SIVECO Romania, this meeting of theater with IT proves that the world we live in is and will fully turn into a space of convergences.