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SIVECO Romania contributes to building the first Science Centers Network in our country

Friday, August 25, 2017

The digital platform eScience Center carried out by SIVECO within the project SCINET – Network of Science Center can be considered a true link between the high school students and scientific research

The SCINET  Project – The Science Centers Network,  funded through the National Innovation Program, (PNII),  has as objective building the first Network of Science Centers in Romania, such as it exists in numerous other countries in the world.

To its fulfilment are contributing physicists, mathematicians, engineers, programmers, economists, specialists in social sciences and marketing.

Science Centers involved in the project are Atomic Physics Institute (IFA), the project coordinator, National Research& Development Institute for Opto-electronics (INOE), National Institute for Physics and Nuclear Engineering (INFIN), National Institute for Lasers Physics, Plasma and Radiations (INFLR).

The other project partners are SIVECO Romania, ensuring the design and development of the information system, MEDNET Marketing Research Center, which carried out the sociological research component, and PM CONCEPT CONSULTING, which has contributed to developing the concept of innovative learning. 

Within this project, SIVECO has developed the digital platform eScience Center, a learning tool dedicated to teachers and pupils in the pre-university education. This can be considered a true binding instrument between the high school pupils and scientific research.

„Technology has to be seen as a means of improving the education process. It is not a solution in itself, instead, it has to be seen, rather as a vital ingredient in approaching the educational challenges. eScience Center has the hole of attracting the children and pupil, to stimulate their creativity and to promote knowing sciences in an unprecedented, intuitive and pleasant manner”, declares Radu Jugureanu, manager of eContent department within SIVECO Romania.

Creating the SCINET portal has as basis the concept according to t which non-formal education (outside school) is based on one own motivation, is voluntary, determined by the student’s needs/ interests (is pupil- centred), has a practical/ experimental and personal character.

Practically, all the users registered in the portal have the possibility to interact free of charge with all the other members of the community, in order to share ideas and knowledge and to develop creative scientific projects.