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SIVECO CUP a challenge for every young soft developer

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bucharest, 13th of June 2006 - This year’s edition proved once again how strong the community of educational soft developers has become, the contest organized by SIVECO Romania and MedC representing a unique chance to meet and to contribute to the educational software development.

In 2006 the contest was sustained by ISJ Timis and local sponsors, their support guaranteeing the event’s success.

SIVECO CUP is a tradition for most of the participants but it was also a challenge for the beginners

The majority of the participants of this year’s contest are veterans, that haven’t gave up on the idea of participating to this contest, although they won important prizes at the last editions. The contest represented the official debut of a great number of teachers and students that believe in a complementary teaching process through creativity and interactivity.

“ The contest has started by being provocative, becoming with every moment a true laboratory of creativity, a laborious process where every detail proved to be very important in the end.  Despite the fact that we didn’t win, I’m convinced that everyone turned back home more experienced than we had arrived to Buzias. The experience we gained, without being a material gain, is for sure something that will weight at the future editions of SIVECO CUP”, declares Damian Gheorghiu, teacher at Computer Science National College Spiru Haret of Suceava.

The final of Buzias represented a demonstration of the participants strength and is more an more obvious that it symbolizes a state of mind within the Romanian school.

The projects presented in this year’s final prove of a deeper involvement in the eLearning projects, their architecture being based on didactical and informatics standards.

It was obvious to me that we have succeeded to step forward from transition to construction. Now, we must find the resources to sustain the teachers and students effort, so that their work would not remain only in a project stage but to become a standard”, declares Radu Jugureanu, the contest coordinator.

The winners go to Educa Berlin 2006

2006 SIVECO CUP was a special edition if we take into consideration the large number of participants and prizes. The projects’ value transformed the jury’s mission into a difficult task and obliged them to increase the awards number.

The trophy went to a team from Iasi composed of Alexandru Perietanu and Dragos Raducanu, coordinated by the teachers Ema Cerchez and Marinel Serban , from the Grigore Moisil High School.Their project, “Basic elements of CC++ language” proved that a complex lesson can be transposed in an interactive frame. At this paper the jury remarked the system architecture and the complexity.

The second place was obtained by 2 projects : “Civilizatiile preistorice de pe teritoriul Romaniei “ (authors: Alexandru Buca , Stefan Macovei, Alexandru Veruzi and the teachers Emanuela Cerchez and Maria Rados from the “Grigore Moisil” High School, Iasi) and “ Notiuni de vocabular”(Authors Dumitru Marian Barbu, Radu George Puscas, Eduard Jarnea and the teachers  Antonia Haller, Luminita Manescu, from the Mircea cel Batran National College of Ramnicu Valcea).

The authors of “ Forta lui Coulomb” ( Larise Lucia Stavarache, Lucian Daia and the teachers Corina Dobrescu, Florina Stan, Sorin Vasilescu from Tudor Vianu National College, Bucharest) and of “ Principiul I al termodinamicii “ (Cheveresan Caius, Liviu Boros, and the teacher Dorina Cucu from “C.D. Loga” National College, Timisoara) won the third place.

Also Intel offered two special awards: The Special Award for Professionalism and Excellency in eLearning, received by the teachers Corina Dobrescu and Florina Stan from Tudor Vianu National College, Bucharest and the Eloquence Award offered to Caius Cherevesan and Liviu Boros from Timisoara.

Microsoft Special Award was adjudged by the team coordinated by the teacher Adrian Mihalcea from Valenii de Munte.

The team from Iasi (first place) and the team from Valeni will represent Romania at the Educational Software International Exhibition Online Educa Berlin.