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SIVECO CUP designated its finalists

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Bucharest, May 26th - Organized within the SIVECO Virtual Center for Excellency, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research and PC Magazine, the SIVECO CUP designated the finalists.

Just as in the first edition, the amount of works received by the jury was extremely great and their quality was remarkable, which made the selection for Poiana Pinului even more difficult. More than 300 electronic lessons developed by teams made up from pupils and teachers have been reviewed and analysed by the jury coordinated by Professor Stelian Niculescu.

"We were very impressed by these children, who proved not only very good programming skills but also a lot of talent and imagination. It was impossible for us to only choose 15 for the final, so we qualified 19. What surprised us mostly is the geographic distribution of the finalists, who come not only from the cities, but also from small towns, such Hârlău, Medgidia or Vălenii de Munte. Timisoara leads in the towns' top with 5 applications qualified for the final.", says Professor Niculescu.

The 19 teams will gather between 5-8 of June in the Poiana Pinului Camp to sustain their works before the jury.

"We are happy for having discovered a new redutable nucleus of educational software producers, Timisoara, made two openings: they qualified with 5 teams and has the youngest finalists - The "Nr.7 Gymnasiun" team, made up by 7th grade pupils. I trully hope that other important educational centres will follow their examples, but I also wish the "offensive" of the small urbes continue. The finalists coming from Hârlău, Medgidia and Vălenii de Munte prove that performance does not resides only in the famous educational centres", says Professor Radu Jugureanu, eContent Responsible SIVECO Romania.

The finalists were listed on the' forum, a virtual environment were the jury and the competitors debated during the contest. Messages from the excited finalists have been posted on the forum ever since:

"It mast have been faith who decided your message with the finalists' list to reach us (C.D. Loga National College-Timisoara) the very day we celebrated the high school estabilshment! I can't find words to describe our happiness and surprise when we read the message. All the participants from "Loga" - from the youngest to the oldest - felt proud that we proved a good practice in using the computer network and AEL for a good purpose.

Today, when I saw the finalists list and noticed we qualified with 3 works out of the four entered the competition, we almost forgot we have classes. I am sure we shall make it with even more papers into the next year finals.

As far as this year edition is concerned, I confess I was very excited: I assumed that the papers will be better than the last year, and that the Physics applications will be the taughest competition. I knew that "behind the curtain", our application is technically very strong. And yet, I was nervous. We consider the qualifications for the final a big success for a quite unusual application. Only the best will win the SIVECO CUP!

With all due respect to those who tried to qualify, as I am convinced they are all very good, I wish our competitor "success", says professor Sandu Golcea, the coordinator of one of the three teams who will represent the "Loga College" to the Poiana Pinului's final. The subject of the message posted on by professor Golcea describes best the feeling of Timisoara's finalists: "Happy".