SIVECO CUP - the first national software contest where the participants will benefit as well of the applications in the competition | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO CUP - the first national software contest where the participants will benefit as well of the applications in the competition

Monday, April 14, 2003

Bucharest, 14th April 2003 - Organized by SIVECO Romania in association with the Ministry of Education and Research and PC Magazine, "SIVECO CUP" national educational software contest represents a premiere from many points of view.

This is the first school competition where the jury commission has a tutor part ? in other words, it takes part in correcting competitors? accomplishment strategies without modifying the points they have obtained.

What is absolutely new about "SIVECO CUP" is that it has a real end: all the valuable products presented during the competition, independently of their position in the final classification, will be included in the under-graduate education training program.

Dedicated to the gifted pupils with skills in implementing educational information applications, but also to the teachers creating innovative learning methods, the contest proved to be extremely interesting, as the debates on online forum showed as well.

Generally speaking, we could notice that competitors were very fond of this challenge and wanted to prove teachers, parents, even the whole world, their level of performance.

"This is a completely new way of communicating on educational matters and I really didn't expect this", declared Radu Jugureanu, teacher and responsible with the AEL educational material.

Since the beginning of the contest, 15th February, 15 works have been registered - Informatics, Physics (oscillating mechanics), Mathematics (vectors, trigonometric circle), lessons from over 30 pupils all over the country.

"The works I received until now could be classified as interesting, informative and complete. For the time being we only received proposals, we specify the corrections to be made and the authors correct them or even come with new ideas we have never even hoped for. It is not a classic registration - the commission's role is more to help students with their works rather than correct them", Jugureanu continues.

A very interesting aspect during discussions with teachers and students referred to the fact that this e-Learning system reduces the efforts for developing educational content created by Romanian teachers and students.

Thus, the idea of organizing a Romanian literature and language national educational software contest appeared also in Galati at the end of 2002, after some teachers and pupils assisted to AEL virtual lessons.

Taking into account that students are more excited about visiting a virtual library than a real one, the Romanian language inspector from ISJ Galati, Luminiţa Crihană, suggested her colleague, Maria Mândru, Informatics teacher, to host this contest.

Their enthusiastic initiative in Galati was a real success: some works were valuable in point of literary content, musical motives or technology complexity.

The works of the students in Galati will also be presented at "SIVECO CUP" national contest

"The fact that students took this seriously, as well as the teachers' enthusiasm in collaborating with the students, make us strongly believe that the educational reform is real, that it takes place at school level and that students are its main beneficiaries", Maria Mandru declared.

For SIVECO Romania, which created AEL, interacting with the users, receiving feedback from teachers, students and the other participants, represents valuable contributions for improving the system, that is adapting it to the customer?s requests.

"I would anticipate that, thanks to the overwhelming interest expressed by the pupils and teachers in developing educational software and to the imminent AEL installation in schools and high schools all over the country, SIVECO CUP will become the most important creation contest from the Romanian undergraduate education and the jury will have a very difficult task in selecting the users" declares Florin Ilia, Internet Space Department Manager at SIVECO Romania.