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SIVECO CUP National Educational Software Contest

Monday, February 17, 2003


Bucharest, 17th February 2003 - The contest is meant especially for the students with abilities and interested in developing information educational applications, as well as for the teachers able to create innovative teaching tools.

"There were the students and the teachers, in their quality of participants and, then, beneficiaries, who came up with the idea of this contest - the software elements developed within the contest being exactly educational products", declares Florin Ilia, Manager of the Internet Space department at SIVECO Romania.

Within SEI (Computerized Educational System) program, developed by the Ministry of Education and Research, over 100 schools all over the country were provided up to now with computerized labs (with 25 work stations and a server - from HP, IBM and Fujitsu-Siemens) on which AEL (Educational Assistant for Schools and High-schools) e/Learning platform was installed. 

During AEL implementation training courses were provided for future users, followed by opened lessons taught by the teachers trained for using this educational tool. Taking into account the special interest expressed by the students for the use of the system, many of them benefited of subsequent training.

"Started in 2001 by the Romanian Government, SEI program promotes, in the Romanian teaching system, educational methods aligned to the European standards", declares Daniela Vlădoiu, Inspector for Informatics at the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research.

"The students? involvement in creating educational products will have benefic effects on the educational process. It is a step forward on the way to modernize the Romanian under-graduate education. It is certain that the students and the teachers participating in mixed teams in this contest will have a lot to learn one from each other", believes Mihaela Cârstea, PC Magazine Manager.

"For SIVECO Romania, which created AEL platform, the interaction with the users, the observations coming from the teachers, the students and all the other participants involved in the educational process, constitute valuable contributions in order to improve the system, that is to adapt it to customers?  requests", declares  Florin Ilia.

A very interesting part during the discussions with the teachers and the students was the fact that this eLearning system meets the Romanian teachers and students? efforts to develop educational materials. Among them, we can mention "Sf. Sava" and "Cantemir Vodă" National Colleges in Bucharest, as well as other educational institutions in the country, such as "Emanoil Gojdu" College in Oradea, the Informatics High-school in Iaşi, "Unirea" National College in Focşani, "B.P.Haşdeu" College, which are only some of the institutions interested in the domain above mentioned.

A recent and eloquent example of the students? involvement in developing educational soft was the case of a student from a high-school in Alesd, Radu Mihail, the recent winner of "Unirea 2003" school contest at city level, which took place in Focşani. Coordinated by his teacher, Szabo Robert, Radu created and presented a work about administering a complex network.  At Alesd (a damaged area in Bihor) high school, where Radu studied, the students felt the need to design an application for administering the network. Waiting for the computerized lab within SEI program to be inaugurated, and for the network to be installed, the students use effectively the application Radu Mihail presented in the contest. Both him and his colleagues are interested and involved in designing the lessons. 

"We anticipate that, due to the great interest expressed by the students and teachers in Alesd in developing educational soft, to the enthusiasm in this high school about the imminent AEL implementation, SIVECO CUP will become the most important creation contest in the Romanian educational system", declares Radu Jugureanu, teacher and responsible for educational material within AEL project. 


Teams made up of maximum three students, no matter what form they are in (9th to 12th) can enter the contest, a speciality teacher (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Informatics, Biology, Geography) and a trainer (who can be an informatics teacher, a high-school or university student) for the used programming technique. The teams can be made up of students and teachers from different schools or high-schools.

Every team can post on the web, at, during 15th February - 1st June 2003, the application it has created. A demonstrative or partial version of the work can be accepted, only if the basic ideas are extremely creative and lucrative. The application has to be accompanied by the respective documentation, as well as by a short description of the lesson or theme they have adopted. The works cannot be received after the deadline (1st June 2003). Any team registered in the contest can participate with several electronic lessons.

The works presented in the contest must have a didactical educational content, illustrating lessons in the educational program; an electronic lesson refers to a succession of didactical stages during a 50-minutes lesson taught in class, with the computer, directly by the teacher. They must be interactive and can have, as information support, web technologies:  HTML, Flash or Java, or compatible with ActiveX.

Works evaluation will be made by a unique commission made up of SIVECO Romania representatives and teachers named by the Ministry of Education and Research and acknowledged for their didactical activity in the inter-disciplinary areas.

During the final stage, which will take place in Bucharest, between 5th-8th June, the first 15 teams will be selected, in the order of points they will have obtained. They will present the applications both in executable and source form in front of the commission.  

The contest results will be made public before the award giving ceremony. 

The works will be awarded in decreasing order of the points they?ll have obtained, within the limits established by the commission and published before the contest final stage. 

The commission can also offer special prizes, establishing criteria that will be made public before the contest final stage.

The great award consists in sponsoring the whole team who created the project so that they can visit a representative exhibition in e-Learning field. 

Further details can be obtained by visiting

About Educational Assistant for Schools and High-Schools:

AEL (Educational Assistant for Schools and High-schools) is an integrated system assisting pupils, teachers and all the participants at the learning process developed by SIVECO Romania and constitutes the axis of the software applications in the information program of the Romanian schools.

Started in 2001, the program promotes in Romania educational methods aligned to European standards.

The AEL system is built up based on modern educational methods, which conform to the three stages generally defining the educational process: obtaining basic knowledge, developing tactical and strategic thinking.