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SIVECO CUP winners will represent Romania at EDUCA 2003

Friday, November 28, 2003

Bucharest, 28th November 2003  - 9th EDUCA edition   - the most important international conference on e-Learning methods - is taking place during 3rd - 5th December 2003, at Berlin, under the patronage of the German Education Ministry, supported by the General Directory for Information Society and the General Directory for Education and Culture in the European Commission.  The participants will also have the chance to visit an educational products exhibition, which will take place during the conference. 

Romania will be represented at EDUCA 200 exhibition by the mixed team (teachers and students from Cantemir Voda College in Bucharest) who won SIVECP CUP National Educational Software Competition.

The participation at the prestigious event represents in fact SIVECO’s prize for the winning team, made up three students - ANDREEA ELENA NEAGU, ANA MARIA ROŞIOARĂ, ADRIANA COCIC - and two teachers - FLORENTINA MOCRIENCO and TEODORA NEGRILĂ.

Cantemir Vodă College team will present, at EDUCA 2003, the educational software they created, integrated in AEL e-Learning platform (which has reached its 4th version), developed by SIVECO Romania.

"SIVECO CUP competition proved once again that the new e-Learning methods, complementary to the traditional ones, can be better assimilated within mixed teams, made up of students and teachers", declares Florin ILIA, Internet Space Department Manager at SIVECO Romania. "We developed AEL platform after minutely analyzing the behaviour of tens thousand system users, students and teachers, and the impact of AEL implementation in schools all over the country."


Organized by SIVECO Romania in association with the Ministry of Education and Research and PC Magazine, SIVECO CUP national educational software competition is at its first edition but it aims to become a traditional contest for undergraduate educational system. 

The contest is meant especially for students with abilities and interested in developing information educational applications, as well as for teachers able to create innovative teaching methods.

The competition was launched on 15th February 2003, having as communication environment.

Every team could send electronically, during 15th February - 1st June 2003, the application it has created. The condition was the following: the works presented in the contest had to contain didactical educational materials, illustrating lessons in the educational program; a lesson in electronic form refers to a succession of didactical stages during a 50-minutes lesson taught in class, with the computer, directly by the teacher.

Works were evaluated by a unique commission made up of SIVECO Romania representatives and teachers appointed by the Ministry of Education and Research and acknowledged for their didactical activity in the inter-disciplinary areas.

SIVECO CUP was the first scholar competition where the jury commission had a tutor role - in other words, it took part in correcting the accomplishment strategies of the competitors without modifying the points they have obtained.

 In this respect, the competition has been a premiere in Romania. What is absolutely new about the "SIVECO CUP" is that it is the first national contest with a real end: all the valuable products presented during the competition, no matter the position in the final classification, will be included in the undergraduate education training program.

About AEL

AEL system is built up based on modern educational methods, which conform to the three stages generally defining the educational process: obtaining basic knowledge, developing the tactical and strategic thinking.

The didactical support for teaching includes tutorials, exercises, simulations, problem solving and educative games. The system is based on an electronic information center, made up of electronic manuals and a content exceeding the usual text presentation. It contains as well other materials, in different forms of presentation, including a variety of multimedia content (video demonstrations, step-by-step presentations, animations). The system aims to integrate both basic applications (such as programs for typing learning) and office tools, complex simulation devices in different fields and others.

The system also provides facilities for student appraisal, management assistance and their performances monitoring.

Implemented within SEI (Computerized Educational System) program, initiated by the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth, AEL platform is installed now in all Romanian high schools.

AEL 4th version is considerably improved as compared to previous versions; among significant improvements there can be mentioned: 

  • AEL has been integrated with DICTUS application - which provides search and management mechanisms for term dictionaries and glossaries;
  • "Help" system has been improved and detailed, being now available in any system area;
  • Menus have been structured more clearly and flexibly;
  • Security system has been improved and has become as well more flexible, facilitating new user definition;
  • Is now able to provide support for new content forms and editors associated to these forms, including a mathematical editor and graphics editor;
  • AEL 4 knowledge base provides advanced document search mechanisms, content management and update.