SIVECO Romania launches SIVADOC Lite, high performing software improving the business processes within organizations | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania launches SIVADOC Lite, high performing software improving the business processes within organizations

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

With its help, the managers are in ongoing control of their business and can make decisions based on correct and easily accessible information

SIVECO Romania launches SIVADOC Lite, the newest IT solution dedicated to the efficient documents management. 

The application allows managers to manage all the processes within the organization, preserve the information in a well-preset order, digitize the documents and ensure restricted access to them. By means of SIVADOC Lite, managers will have an ongoing control over everything that happens in the organization with a positive impact on the decisions, and, by default, on the business.

The novelty brought by the application lies in transforming the manner of storing and sending the information inside the organizations, while the costs of the application makes it accessible also for the small and medium-size companies in Romania.

SIVADOC Lite is the easy to use a version of a digital system allowing the creating, registering and managing the organizational documents. Having over 15 years of experience in developing and implementing documents management systems, SIVECO has already proved, through the SIVADOC version, carried out for large companies, the usefulness and efficacy of this solution for numerous important organizations in Romania.

The application has been developed starting direct discussions with managers who have stressed what they need in order to reach their strategic objectives, in a competitive environment, which is continuously transforming under the influence of digital technologies. Here is what the managers have requested us:

  • Easy access to documents:“to retrieve the document in the electronic archive much faster than when it is in a file, very important when you are talking with the customer over the phone”
  • Greater safety and confidentiality of the information:“ deepening on the employee’s role, he has the right or not to modify the documents”
  • Access from anywhere to documents through cloud: I take my office with me wherever I go”

SIVECO has translated their requirements into a system solving the most difficult business situations by reducing the time spent with documents’ retrieval, centralized management of documents, high security with access rights only for the authorized users and generating detailed reports at the organization level.

The application ensures the documents’ creation, registration and distribution in a controlled manner, bringing together the following components: electronic registry, documents flows, management, search, scanning, forms and reports.

By implementing this documents’ management solution, the processes within the company are much easier to be monitored and managed, which leads to high performance for the organization.

The team of SIVECO will be present with SIVADOC Lite within the event IM World 2017, taking place in the period of 4-5 October at Romexpo, Bucharest. Every day during the fair, the managers may discuss with the team who has developed the application, at stand no. B14 in the Central Pavilion.