SIVECO launches the mentoring platform ProME - PROfessional Inter-generational Cooperation and Mentoring, on the Romanian market | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO launches the mentoring platform ProME - PROfessional Inter-generational Cooperation and Mentoring, on the Romanian market

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

ProMe facilitates communication and collaboration between different professional generations, providing the elderly with the possibility to share their professional experience with young people

The ProMe project (PROfessional Intergenerational Cooperation and MEntoring) has as objective facilitating the knowledge exchange between persons who have accumulated an important expertise, as well as professional experience and the youngsters at the beginning of their career, through designing instruments that will support them in the collaboration and communication process.

The need for this project came as a result of analyzing the current labor market, of identifying a clear trend of population’s ageing, of the lack for certain professional skills among young people, as well as of the need to extend the active life of elder people.

The project is funded from the common research programme Active and Assisted Living Programme (Assistance for Ensuring Persons’ Autonomy at their Residence (AAL), represented in Romania through The Executive Unit for Funding of Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation (UEFISCDI), being coordinated by Paris-Lodron University in Salzburg, Austria.

The partners ensuring the design and development of the information system in this project are SIVECO Romania, along with Gluck, the Netherlands, while AGIR (The General Association of Engineers  in Romania), NFE (National Foundation for the Elderly, the Netherlands) and EURAG Austria are the organizations facilitating  the development of sociological research at the level of the application’s end-users. The project’s promotion and visibility are ensured by company Inventya Ltd (UK).

SIVECO’s contribution within the project consists in developing a platform providing online mentoring services, meant to reduce the distance at virtual level and to guide the participants in the project in finding the most suitable mentor, and mentoring, respectively.

From the concept’s point of view, ProMe platform is addressing three areas of the exchange of acquired knowledge: structural, relational and cognitive. (Nahapiet, Ghoshal, 1999).

The project’s structural type of approach is represented through the online and offline communication modalities, through the connections the users can define (social network,) and through the opportunity of identifying viable connections of transmitter-receiver type. Thus, the platform is also accessible via social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google, and is available online -, while the registration  and access are free of charge.

The relational type of approach is represented in the platform ProMe through a specific instrument, named Mutual Understanding/. With its help, the participants engaged in a mentoring relationship can set rules, objectives, obligations regarding the activity and actions they will run together. Practically, the users who register on the platform can easily fill in a profile by indicating the availability to be contacted during specific time intervals, as well as by registering some information referring to the competences acquired, the fields of interest, age, location and linguistic competences.

From the cognitive point of view, the linguistic competence represents a necessary condition for accepting a mentor/mentoring.

Applying in a correct, coherent and consistent manner of each of the previously described communication facilities determines building up a viable mentoring relation. Respecting the principles of knowledge transfer and exchange creates a new type of intellectual capital, the one online, this representing the immediate result of a productive mentoring relationship”, declares Otilia Bularcă, Project Manager.

In fact, during the project’s testing period with actual uses, one has noticed an increased interest for the services provided by the platform both among the elderly, and the persons without previous experience as regards mentoring.

It should be noted that the ProMe platform is not solely dedicated to the elderly, as accessing the applications by the users, irrespective of their age, is an easy and convinient one, the platform’s design being friendly and attractive.