SIVECO is managing its business in the Gulf area from its office opened in Dubai | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO is managing its business in the Gulf area from its office opened in Dubai

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In 2012, 40% of the company’s turnover will come from international sales


Bucharest, 1st of February 2012 - SIVECO Romania is extending its business in the Gulf area. The largest Romanian software house has opened an office in Dubai, the commercial centre of the Emirates. Software Innovative Vision (SIV), a company lead by Alexandru Coşbuc, vice-president International Sales at SIVECO Romania, has as main goal subcontracting and the projects integration in the Gulf countries.


SIVECO has signed the first contract in the United Arab Emirates in 2007, for the portal development for the national education system followed by the implementation of the eContent system consisting in 7,000 interactive learning objects that has been completed in 2011.


“In the international expansion, our asset is called the IT-based Education System (SEI) developed in Romania starting with 2001, considered a solid, functional and complex model of eLearning, with numerous international recognitions. We are exporting eLearning solutions in 17 countries and until the end of the current year we wish to become present in 10 new countries, most of them in the area of the Near and Middle East.  The solutions for education will generate 30% of our company’s turnover in 2012. We expect that international sales will reach 40% of our turnover”, has stated Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania.


The eLearning solution carried out by SIVECO has currently 15 million users (pupils, teachers, administrative staff, decision makers, education specialists) from Romania, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Republic of Moldova, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Tunisia and Kazakhstan.


“The United Arab Emirates represent a model to be followed by many countries in the Gulf area, so that our expansion is supported by this important reference. We are addressing to countries allocating significant percentages of their GDP to education. This year, we are extending at national level in the schools of Oman and Bahrain and we will start the content project on iPad in Kuwait. On the other hand, we are addressing the education market with 3D instruments, augmented reality, we are developing educational software on portable devices, on mobile phones and tablets, anticipating the beneficiaries’ requirements”,  has declared Alexandru Coşbuc.


„Consolidating our presence in the countries of the Gulf Region is part of our general strategy of international extension, supporting also our efforts to build projects in the countries of Central Asia. Thus, this year, we will launch the integrated eLearning solution in Turkmenistan. We target also markets such as Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan”, has declared Florian Ciolacu, Vice-president International Sales, SIVECO Romania.


SIVECO has the greatest repository of digital lessons – over 39,000 interactive learning moments (objects). The size of the Education System in Romania is also impressive: over 4 million beneficiaries at national level, 140,000 teachers trained annually, 15,000 IT based laboratories, 192,000 computers, 3,700 AeL multimedia lessons, 1,600,000 Baccalaureate candidates distributed during the period 2004-2011, 494,260 participants at the exam for teachers nomination upon vacant positions in the period 2003-2011, 2.2 million pupils distributed in high schools by means of the ADLIC application in the period between 2001 and 2011,  over 2,600,000 single visitors of the portal .

The company provides digital content, IT software, know-how on professional training, and applications for educational management and collaboration.

You may find more information on the Software Innovative Vision on the web site