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SIVECO participates in a collaborative project for improving the quality of life for elderly

Monday, December 14, 2015

MEDiATE Project is a European Commission initiative, having as objective assistance of the elderly and including technology in their daily life

MEDiATE (Collaborative and interMEdiating solution for managing Daily Activities for The Elderly at home) is a collaborative project facilitating the management of daily activities of elderly, at their home (Ambient Assisted Living). The project, that SIVECO Romania is a partner in, aims at designing and building a communication platform, providing a solution of “open-service” type in support of the elderly.

The project reflects raising awareness on a major current problem: ageing of European population. Analysts estimate that in 2020 a quarter of Europe’s population will be over 65 year-old, while expenses with the pension and health systems will triple by 2050.

MEDiATE is part of initiative i2010 of the European Commission of assisting the senior persons for a safer and more autonomous old age, including by means of information technology and communication.

Technology leads to creating new products and services, more accessible and which meet the needs of the persons requiring assistance. They contribute to extending the professional activity, social networking and galvanizing the access to public and commercial services. Thus social isolation of the elderly is reduced, especially in rural areas.

"MEDiATE contributes to improving the quality of life and helps to increase the degree of independence of the elderly, helping them enjoy an active life”, says Ana-Maria Baldea, project manager within SIVECO Romania.

MEDiATE is a decentralized collaborative platform allowing all the persons involved in supporting the senior people - formal or informal caregivers, as well as other categories of professionals - to communicate and to work together in a coherent manner.

The solution will work on several types of devices, including touch-screen, tablets and TV sets, allowing those involved in the project to be continuously logged on.

Thus, in homecare services of the elderly the efforts of providers of professional services (physicians, medical nurses, caregivers) or of their family members, friends and neighbors can be synchronized.

The MEDiATE solution has a architecture structured on a series of support platforms to which the devices used by final users are connected to. Each user is communicating from his/her own device directly with his home platform (except for the video sessions). Each node of the platforms communicates directly with the central server MEDiATE, as communication is carried out by means of web services.

Within the project, SIVECO has configured and developed the educational platform Mediate-Moodle ensuring its user an easy access to documents, video clips and other information useful to elderly.

MEDiATE is a project coordinated by the Public Research Center Henri Tudor in Luxemburg, having as partners Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland), Fondation Suisse pour les Téléthèses (Switzerland), Pôle de Gérontologie Interrégionale Bourgogne Franche-Comté (France), SIVECO (Romania), EGLU (Denmark), Camera Contact (France), Dessine-Moi Mon Répit (France).

As the project’s official language is English and the pilot project was implemented in France, all courses and educational materials, as well as the content in the collaborative section are created and presented in English and French.

The project web site is