SIVECO Romania participates in the research project „Electronic Ticketing System”, meant to modernize the European public transport | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania participates in the research project „Electronic Ticketing System”, meant to modernize the European public transport

Friday, January 26, 2018

Within the project, the international consortium develops an intelligent system of tickets’ automatic recognition, allowing the quick passengers’ access into the transport means, thus reducing the entry queues, including at peak hours

The digital transformation of cities provides huge possibilities for development, while the concept of Smart City can be successfully implemented also in Romania if efficient solutions are developed. Transforming the transport infrastructure into an intelligent system implies a good strategy, aiming at the traffic streamlining, improving the passengers’ security and a better control of the entire system.

The ETS System (Electronic Ticketing System) revolutionizes the public transport by eliminating the ticket barriers from the underground stations, which allows the quick access of passengers to the transportation means and reduces queues from the entries, even at peak hours. This is possible due to the BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy) which automatically identifies the tickets, without being necessary their validation by passengers. One of the major benefits of this system consists in the very fast eviction of passengers in case of natural disasters.

The passenger may use the ETS application on his/her own mobile phone or may purchase a smart card with BLE in order to store electronic tickets.

The users of ETS mobile applications will benefit from loyalty points they can use subsequently in order to purchase other free tickets. Moreover, they have access to information regarding the history of transactions and the travel performed. A user may request, at any moment, the operator the deletion or modifying of his/her personal data in the ETS system.

The ETS system is developed through the project Electronic Ticketing System by an international consortium from 4 countries: SIVECO Romania, CONVEX NETWORK (Romania), ELEKTRONET (Turkey), TMOB (Turkey), DTS (South Korea) and IDI EIKON (Spain) and is funded through the ITEA3 program at European level.

Recently, the consortium has presented a demo of the solution and has explained how the system works, from buying a ticket from a kiosk, until to passing through the validation corridors, the passengers’ facial recognition, and the journey’s completion. The demo has taken place in the technological park Yildiz Technical University Ikitelli in Istanbul.

ETS can be used for the following means of transportation: underground, bus, tramway, ferryboat, train, and aims at carrying out an integrated system, improving the experience of passengers who have to use several means of transportation. The value of a journey (travel) will be calculated depending on the distance and discounts can be applied also depending on the frequency of using a specific route, through the loyalty programs established by the transport operator.

In addition, the transporters have also access to detailed information regarding the usage of the transport infrastructure in each station, the number of persons who are fraudulent passengers, the transactions performed and many other details. The information is available in a web interface, at any only to authorized users. Based on the information registered, the system can provide predictions to be used to prevent overcrowding and contributes to optimizing the available resources. 

The SIVECO experts team who has developed the back-office system for transporters and who will integrate all the components of ETS system will be involved also in the pilot project planned for the end of 2018, in Istanbul.