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SIVECO proposes an innovative and efficient solution for the waste management

Friday, July 7, 2017

ECOSUNT is the first Romanian integrated software, dedicated to companies from the waste management sector








Environment protection has become a major challenge and, at the same time, a general interest topic. Currently, waste represents a major issue for our planet, which affects us all, taking into account that its improper management has extremely toxic effects upon the environment.

In recent years, the quantity of waste is growing at an accelerated pace, in direct ration to the increase of wealth, having a more and more negative impact over the environment. The more we are consuming, the more we are using the latest technological and high performing product, the more is growing the number of materials we have to recycle or eliminate.

Few figures illustrating in a significant manner these realities:

  • Every European citizen produces in average of 0.5 tons of waste annually
  • At the European Union level are generated annually some 3 billion tons of waste
    • Producers of goods generate some 360 million tons of waste
    • In the constructions sector are produced over 900 million tons of waste
    • The energy and water suppliers generate approximately 95 million tons of waste
  • According to Eurostat, Romania recycles just 3% of municipal generated waste
  • As a country objective, Romania has to reach a level of 50% waste recycling, up to year 2020. 

Waste management has become, therefore, a key element for ensuring sustainable growth of economies in the European countries. 

For any company operating with waste, a high performing information system, become, more than ever, an immediate need.

Given the importance of efficient and responsible waste management, SIVECO has developed a solution meeting the general commitments of environment protection and increasing the efficiency of the activity of economic agents in the field. ECOSUNT is an innovative product, developed within the SIVECO Incubator – an initiative launched in the past 2 years, meant to generate solutions meeting simple and directly to the market’s needs. Exactly form the desire to be close to the applications’ beneficiaries, we have decided to launch our product ECOSUNT within the conference organized by the Romanian Association for Waste Management (ARMD), with the topic “Situation of waste management in Romania – between projects’ completion through the program POS Mediu (Environment) and funding projects through POIM" which recently took place in Mamaia”, declares Claudiu Țăran, Deputy Department manager within SIVECO Romania. 

ECOSUNT, the software developed by SIVECO, is compliant with European legislation and takes into account the full process by which the waste has to pass through and the specific needs of companies in the field operating in Romania. It is a web solution easy to use having the possibility of usage in Cloud including (Amazon). Thus, the application provides the organizations involved in waste management a significant reduction of the expenses with the IT infrastructure. At the same time, the cloud services allow unlimited storage space and ongoing protection of the data stored.

With help of the ECOSUNT applications, the companies can monitor::

  • Waste generation
  • Waste collection
  • Waste transport
  • Waste treatment
  • Waste elimination by authorized companies
  • Waste capitalization / evaluation by means of authorized companies
  • Carrying out reporting situation: towards ANPM (National Agency for Environment Protection and County Agencies), towards ADI – Association of inter-community development, to the County Councils, according to the leasing contracts.

ECOSUNT is, also, a statistical instrument, with help of which one can get correct data referring to generating and waste management. This allow for assessing, at any moment, the situation and the objectives of a waste managing company. 

"SIVECO Romania focuses its efforts towards sustainable development, both as regards the financial- economical performances, and also social and environment performances. We consider that long term development cannot be based but on a strategy where the financial and market objectives are compatible with the expectations of the main co-interested groups, customers and partners, shareholders, employees and community, as well as the legal and moral obligations for environment protection. Our company is concerned by the environment protection, including the environment standards at the level of all the processes specific to the company’s activities", states Florin Ilia, President and CEO SIVECO Romania.