SIVECO Romania 2010 review: 100 new contracts, turnover growth by 20%, 24 international and national awards | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania 2010 review: 100 new contracts, turnover growth by 20%, 24 international and national awards

Monday, January 10, 2011

For 2011, the company has already signed multi-annual contracts of export its eLearning, eAgriculture, eCustoms and eHealth solutions

Bucharest, 10th of January 2011 - Entering new international markets, developing the national eHealth, eLearning and eAgriculture projects and accessing structural funds have been 2010 oustanding directions for the activity of SIVECO Romania in 2010. During a year considered as extremely difficult by all the economic operators, SIVECO Romania has acheived an increase of the overall turnover by 20% compared to 2009 and has conlcuded over 100 new contract, which represents an extremely outstanding performance.

"We consider we have achieved an extremely encouraging positive overview of our activity in a more than complicated year. This is an additional proof that our great efforts are rewarded and that in any crisis there are also opportunities that can and have to be capitalized upon. In 2010 we have continued to successfully apply the strategy of targeting the emerging external markets. The replication of complex, large scale national projects at international level in the field of eLearning, eCustoms, eAgriculture and eHealth, where we have worldwide recognized expertise, has been extremely useful for offsetting the effects of local IT market contraction. Our business strategy focused on keeping a safe balance between the income sources has minimized the risk of focusing certain segments - public or private. In 2010 we have noticed once more how realistic is proving such an approach, especially in times of economic turbulence", has stated Irina Socol, President and CEO SIVECO Romania.

Here are the 10 most important achievements of SIVECO Romania in 2010:

1. Launching the strategic program of introducing IT into education for the Ministry of National Education of the Kingdom of Morocco. SIVECO Romania will implement by 2013 an integrated IT system based on the AeL solution, adapted to the specific requirements of the Moroccan education, which will be used in 9,000 schools.
2. Implementation of the new version of the Unique Integrated Information System - SIUI 2.0 - for the National Health Insurance House, an extermely complex project, with major implications on the mode of administration of resources allocated to health, but also of improving the quality of medical services.
3. Development of the software necessary for implementing the rural development and fisheries funds at the Payments Agency for Rural development and Fisheries and for managing the European subsidies granted to the 1.1 million farmers through the Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture.
4. Development of the SIVECO Applications 2011 solution. In 2010 two new IT modules have been launched - Waste Management and Project's Financial Management - adding to the other already existing 44 modules.
5. Active involvement in developing structural funds projects, both as applicant and as partner in projects co-financed from the European Social Fund through the Operational Sectorial Program for Human Resources Development (POS DRU). The projects launched in 2010 have over 30,000 beneficiaries belonging to various socio-professional categories: Teachers, physicians, managers, unemployed and employed from various fields.
6. Implementation of the eCustoms solution at the Customs Authority in Macedonia. SIVECO Romania enters this way on the second external market with the solution New Computerized Transit System (NCTS), after Turkey, duplicating the expertise gained in Romania, at the National Customs Authority.
7. Continuation of the projects running for European Union organizations, the EU Publications Office (CORDIS portal) and the European Aviation Safety Agency, respectively.
8. Completion of the educational project where 700 schools in Cyprus benefit now form an integrated eLearning platform and of digital educational content.
9. Continuation of the eLearning projects in United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Republic of Moldova and Romania (The IT-based Education System), Development of eComunitate Portal and of the ITC training Program for schools and business, components of the "Knowledge Based Economy" project, a complex project with almost 2 million beneficiaries.
10. Completing the implementation of the SIVABON system at the Credit Bureau in the Republic of Moldova, becoming the main instrument for the credit and risk departments respectively, and for the departments for development of new products and internal policies of this institution.

"For 2011, our company SIVECO Romania has already secured strong financial and operational stability due to contracting in 2010 of multi-annual projects in the field of eLearning, eCustoms, eAgriculture, eHealth, Credit Bureau in countries with high potential from the area of Northern Africa, Near and Middle East, CIS and for important institutions of the European Commission. Another vital direction of development is represented by the projects submitted for structural funding - both in Romania, and at the European level", said Irina Socol.

In 2010, the efforts of SIVECO Romania have been rewarded by international organizations or on the occasion of prestigious competitions, equivalent of actual world championships in the field of IT project management. Some of the 24 diplomas and medals received in 2010 are a premiere for a company in Romania, as SIVECO has proved once more its capacity to open new international roads for Romanian IT. These competitions have served not only as an opportunity to test our company's products on the global market, but also as the chance to outrun big names of the world's IT.

Among the 24 awards received in 2010, we mention:

• The Gold Medal for the IT-based Education System (SEI) within the eLearning Awards competition held in London;
• "Winner of the European IT Excellence Awards 2010" title for solution developed by SIVECO Romania at APIA (Romanian Payments and Intervention Agency for Agriculture), granted within the same name competition held in London; at the European IT Excellence Awards 2010 competition received also nominations the SIVADOC solution implemented at the STX RO Offshore Tulcea (former AKER) and for the BI solution implemented at NBR (National Bank of Romania);
• "Partner of the Year" in the region of Central and Eastern Europe at the "Citizenship" category for the project "Knowledge Based Economy", granted by Microsoft at the Worldwide Partner Conference 2010;
• Nominated by IPMA - International Project Management Association for the project "Knowledge Based Economy" within the Annual Gala in Istanbul;
• Irina Socol, President and CEO of SIVECO Romania, has received the European Prize for Female Entrepreneurship (granted by Wimadame network within the annual ceremony held in Brussels;
• Receiving the "Certificate of Appreciation" from NATO Training Group for efforts of supporting the NATO Training Group/Working Group Individual Training & Education Developments (WG IT & EN);
• "Excellence Award" at the RoCS Gala 2010, for the capacity of the solution SIVECO Applications 2011 to meet the economic priorities through innovative technologies, by means of the Waste Management and Project's Financial Management components;
• Nomination of the SEI and Knowledge Based Economy projects respectively, at the category "Improving public services through an organizational and performance's quality management" within the annual competition organized by the National Public Servants Association in Romania;
• First Rank in the Top Green Business Index 2010 for SIVECO Romania, 1st Rank at the "Green procurement" category, 1st Rank at the "Transport" category, 2nd Rank at "Buildings Status" category, 2nd Rank at the "Resources Use" category.

Although 2010 has been a difficult year from the economic perspective, SIVECO Romania has remained faithful to its business principles, strategically integrating social responsibility into the company's development policy itself. SIVECO Romania has produced the Annual Report for Sustainable Development (reaching its second edition) and has filled in the first Global Compact Report regarding implementation of the United Nations principles.

"Adhering to the Global Pact is an important commitment for our company. The decision to formalize into an annual report where we respect the ethical principles assumed by the business world at global level gives us the possibility to review and adapt the policies referring to employees, environment and community, but also to follow up the progress we have made. This commitment, along with annual elaboration of the social responsibility report represent almost unique initiatives in the Romanian business environment", has stated Irina Socol.