SIVECO Romania is an active supporter of the Romanian cultural and artistic values | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania is an active supporter of the Romanian cultural and artistic values

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Bucharest, 20th of December 2006 – On the occasion of UNITER Gala, that took place recently in the presence of numerous cultural personalities, the company SIVECO Romania granted “the award for sympathy” to authentic artists: Victor Rebengiuc and Mariana Mihut.

At the event participated famous names of the Romanian stage: Ilinca Tomoroveanu, Catalina Mustaţă, Florin Zamfirescu, Ion Caramitru, Aura Corbeanu, Ilinca Tomoroveanu, Eusebiu Stefănescu, Magdalena Boiangiu, Nicu Mihoc.

Already a tradition for SIVECO Romania, this meeting between the Romanian stage and technology demonstrates that the world is and will become even more a space of convergences. Definitely, by their exceptional performances, these areas build together the brand “Romania”, generating great exposure and prestige.  

„Each year, the approach of Christmas holidays, makes us feel the need to be better than in other period of the year. Now, more than ever, we want to express only our best thoughts, our admiration and sympathy for two special artists: Victor Rebengiuc and Mariana Mihut, a couple that illustrates us for so many years the value of normality, performance and the joy of shared success”, declares Anca Crahmaliuc, Marketing Manager SIVECO Romania.

Victor Rebengiuc and Mariana Mihut are for almost 42 years one of the most admired and beautiful couples of the Romanian theatre. Beyond the scene, these two personalities are natural and normal people, for whom the family life represents one of the most important things. Celebrated for the first time as a couple, outside the family, the distinction awarded by the company SIVECO is their first artistic recognition in this context.

"A wonderful thing about this relation is that now, after all this time, I still discover in him things that I like. Victor is still full of surprises,” says the actress Mihaela Mihuţ.

I’ve made a mistake by never acting with her, so that nobody can say “these two are playing in the family”, but I will keep avoiding from now on to act together”, said Victor Rebengiuc, in a pleasant, relaxed and intimate atmosphere where the audience was honored to present at the sincere confidences of the awarded couple’s.

We appreciated the simplicity, artistic talent, all-day attitude, elegance, distinction and humor of this wonderful couple that offers us in the same time a chance that authentic artists transforms the education by technology into a valuable instrument of the society.

„In spite of the less visible connection between the Romanian theater and software domain, we are guided by the same life principles and common values, we feel the same responsibility to bring value to the society by our projects, especially by educational projects. For SIVECO Romania, the mission to responsibly contribute to the enhancement of the cultural and social development of society is important as our involvement to the economical development. Besides, the awards for sympathy that we grant for 4 years consecutively at UNITER Gala is just one of the cultural projects enrolled by the company SIVECO Romania”, says Irina Socol, General Manager SIVECO Romania.