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SIVECO Romania – among the first IT services providers in Romania

Friday, September 22, 2006

Bucharest, 22th September 2006 – The Romanian IT Services market in 2005 is worth $199,7 million, up 19% from the previous year, according to the latest IDC study. Although basic deployment services, such as support and integration activities, still remain dominant on the Romanian IT Services market, IDC estimates a future shift towards more complex service activities that will demand new developments. The market is already showing clear signs of consolidation but the IDC’s experts considers that this tendency will intensify after Romania’s accession to the European Union.

According to 2005 IDC study, SIVECO Romania advanced in the top of the IT Services providers, holding the second position with 9.7% market share and $21,63 million from the total value of the market.

In 2005, SIVECO Romania holds top positions an the Romanian EAS (Enterprise Applications Suite) market as well as on the IT Services’ one, demonstrating its capacity of successfully competing with renown companies at national and international level. SIVECO Romania consolidates its statute of the most important Romanian software house by maintaining itself among the top on these two major IT market sectors.

The results obtained on the IT Services market in 2005 subscribe to the company’s declared strategy, namely to evolve from the stage of the most important Romanian software house at the one of regional software integrator in order to become, in the next 10 years, a leader at European level.

SIVECO Romania places as leader on three of the six market segments identified by IDC (hardware & software support and installation and support, application consulting and customization, system integration, IT training and education, outsourcing and custom application development):
- Software support and installation services, with 17,1% market share (compared to 10,6% market share of the following company); the success obtained by the company on this market segment is worth $5,12 million, due to the development of its core product – SIVECO Applications, of the AeL platform and content management application – SIVADOC and also because of the support and installation activities around Oracle products.
- IT training and education, with 24,4% market share (compared to 12,1% market share of the following company);
- Application consulting and customization, with 33,9% market share (compared to 12,4% market share of the following company); the company maintained its last year position on this market by obtaining a $10,32 millionn revenue from consulting and customization activities regarding its EAS solutions – SIVECO Application, but also the Oracle Business Suite applications.

In terms of investments made in IT services’ acquisition, the Government vertical came first, followed by manufacturing, utilities, telecommunication and transportation.

SIVECO Romania ended the year 2005 keeping the company’s evolution tendency from the last past years. The position held on the IT Services market in 2005 indicates an the company’s advance made in top three companies in the market, a new step made towards the accomplishment of its objectives. In 2005, the revenue obtained by the company came mostly from consulting and customization (47,7%), software support and installation (23,7%) and IT training and education (12,8%). These results were assured by complex projects as PETROM, Customs Administration, The Bucharest City Hall, The National Health Insurance House (CNAS), the Ministry of Education, Congas SA etc. SIVECO Romania focused on providing IT services to verticals like Government and Utilities, understanding the major role the information modernization of these sectors has for the EU accession.

SIVECO Romania pictures an active future approach of the EAS and IT services markets in Romania and abroad, a continuous improvement of the results and of its business model. “We will continue to act in the world as an image vector for the Romanian software industry and for the objective of building an ethical and responsible Romanian business environment”, states Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.