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SIVECO Romania and SIVECO Applications brands - spontaneous noticed among Romanian companies’ representatives

Monday, September 18, 2006

Bucharest, 18th of September 2006 – The most recent CSOP (The Centre for Studying the Public Opinion) study focused on the Top 300 Romanian companies’ perception over the most important ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions from the Romanian market. Based on the answers given to the raised questions, there were obtained results indicating the spontaneous and assisted notoriety of the business software providers, the reasons for using or not using these solutions, the expectations the firms have concerning an ERP solution etc.

As resulted from the study, SIVECO Romania was nominated the first in the spontaneous notoriety section, most of the respondents indicating the company as an ERP solutions provider. The SIVECO’s ERP solutions placed second in the top, outrunning domestic and international solutions present on the Romanian market.

When it comes to assisted notoriety, SIVECO Romania is also placed in top three, becoming this way the leader in market penetration.

The CSOP study indicated that most of the respondents that do not use yet ERP solutions intend to use integrated business solutions in the future.

The main reasons of the companies’ choose of an ERP solution are based on: the attractive price, the intention of improving their activity, the satisfaction offered by the quality – price balance, the necessity covering, the attractive offer, more complex solutions and, not the least, the ERP solutions’ functionality. 

The solution provided by SIVECO Romania is appreciated mostly because: the attractive quality – price balance, facility in usage and the know–how obtained through the implementation projects conducted in various domains in Bucharest and inside the country (utilities, finance and banking sector, manufacturing, oil and gas etc.). The solutions’ functionalities represent the main reasons for the customers’ appreciation and the advantages brought by these solutions: a short time required for implementation, functionality, answers to the client’s needs and easy management.

The results of the study indicate as well the requirements that the respondents have concerning the ERP solutions providers from the Romanian market: improvement of the ERP system’s performances, enhanced communication, better infrastructure and multiple facilities offer. Taking into consideration the results of this study, SIVECO Romania will adapt its products to the market needs by fortifying the strengths of the offer and by consolidating the position held as key – partner in its business relations.