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SIVECO Romania and World Vision Romania are sustaining the development of rural education

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bucharest, 13th April 2006 - “Să învăţăm Să învăţăm” project initiated by SIVECO in partnership with World Vision Romania, aims to accelerate the development of the IT society in Romania and to ensure an undiscriminating access to technology, including the teachers and pupils’ training in using AeL platform and the interactive lessons developed on this platform.

This action is part of an important community development project initiated by World Vision Romania in partnership with the rural communities from Dolj district. The project “Sa invatam Sa invatam” is representing the pilot variant of this ambitious mission.
The project partners received a great support from ISJ Dolj and from “Stefan Odobleja” High school of Craiova, which is disposing its IT laboratory for the teachers and pupils training.
In Breasta Village are functioning two kinder gardens, two schools for the I-IV grades pupils and a school for I-VIII grades pupils. The courses of these learning institutions are attended by 165 children under school age and 425 students.
The school from Breasta received during the implementation of The IT Based Educational System (SEI) an IT laboratory equipped with 10 computers, server, scanner, printer, AeL platform and interactive lessons for learning Mathematics, Romanian literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, etc.  

The professors and pupils wiliness to learn intelli-gently, to use the computers as a complementary teaching instrument, represented the starting point of the project consisting in AeL training courses for the Breasta community representatives.

In the present, 24 teachers are learning to use the AeL platform and 10 civil clerks are improving their computer knowledge.

"Să învăţăm să învăţăm”– promotes the development and the implementation of computer assisted learning. The project objectives are:  development of teachers and pupils’ skills in using the computer in the teaching-learning process, introducing IT courses for the initiative community group and facilitating the access to information for the teenagers and for the Breasta citizens by making available to them an Information Bureau. The Breasta citizens opening for innovation guaranties the success of our action”, declares Dana Vlădoiu, Teachers Training Responsible, SIVECO Romania.

"SEI project does not mean only providing access to technology but also developing a methodology for using IT technology in education and training the teachers. The real challenge of SEI program, is no more about providing computers, educational software or Internet connection, but the training of human resources –hundreds of thousands of teachers - by developing life long learning programs that can allow them to achieve new competencies and abilities, which are necessary in order to integrate the new technologies in the teaching process”, declares Emil Dragomirescu, AeL Implementation Responsible within SEI project.

“This project completes the community necessity to develop, motivating the children and developing their personality“, declared Marin Marcu, the Breasta mayor.

“Sa invatam Sa invatam” project is helping the children from rural communities to have access to a quality learning process. The instruction of the community members, aims to transform the PC from a “typing machine” in a useful instrument that facilitates information management and communication”, considers Viorel Popescu, the Project coordinator from World Vision Romania.