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SIVECO Romania appreciated for its involvement in developing the information society

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bucharest, 30th of May 2007  Representatives of the ISTAG (Advisory Group for the Information Society Technologies), Group of the European Commission  have recently  visited Bucharest, at the invitation of Irina Socol, general manager of SIVECO Romania.

Irina Socol became a member of ISTAG in 2005, as recognition of her status of top European IT expert.

The members of the Advisory Group are representatives of private companies well known in their field of activity, of research institutes, universities, standardization organizations, national financing agencies and European public administration.

The main ISTAG objective is to define a general strategy for accomplishing the priorities related to the information society within the European research programe on medium and long term, in the field of IT&C.

The development of information technologies in education is a priority for SIVECO Romania. The international recognition we are getting, is forcing us to continue to support the evolution of this industry and to promote new technologies by facilitating their assimilation by the society. The availability of ISTAG members to run their consultative meeting in Romania, cames as one more recognitionof the way in which our company takes part to the creation of the European information society”, said Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania.

Representatives of the Advisory group attended a presentation of interactive lessons, created by the pupils of the National IT College “Tudor Vianu” in Bucharest. For producing multimedia projects, the pupils used the eLearning solutions developed by SIVECO Romania. The delegates were impressed by the inventivity and originality of the presented projects, but also by the degree of using IT in the Romanian education system.

The delegation present in Bucharst appreciated SIVECO Romania’s contribution to the development of the knowledge based economy and of the information society, as well as the company’s promotion of projects stimulating innovation and research in the field of IT&C, in line with the FP6 Framework Programme (2002-2006) and the FP7 Programme (2007-2013). By means of these programes EU is supporting creation of an European framework  for research in IT&C.

SIVECO Romania, as a respectable member of the business community in Romania, is constantly interested in bringing its contribution to the smooth running of the R&D projects in the field of IT&C, to the benefit of the community where it is active in.