SIVECO Romania awarded the 2007 winners of The National IT Olympics | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania awarded the 2007 winners of The National IT Olympics

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bucharest, 17th of April 2007During 10-16 April, Cluj-Napoca hosted the 7th edition of the National IT Olympics. The competition attracted more than 450 Romanian pupils.

The young competitors that took part in the 7th edition of the National Olympics in Informatics, offered ingenious solutions for the very difficult subjects proposed. This year’s winners will probably be very strong competitors in the future international informatics competitions.

SIVECO Romania, traditional sponsor of the competition, awarded the first place winners in each category.

SIVECO Romania supports actively the educational projects that offer pupils the chance to fulfill their whole potential and demonstrate their informatics knowledge acquired in the class. It is an extraordinary chance to get involved in the development of these valuable young people, who will certainly achieve high performances at international level, too” declared Dana Vladoiu, Training Project Coordinator with SIVECO Romania.

This year’s event combined the competition with workshop sessions addressed to teachers, and other educative activities for leisure time.

During the workshop session, Dana Vladoiu presented “INTEL Teach Essentials Course”, a project developed by Intel Corporation and ICT (Institute of Computer Technology), which promotes the integration of new technologies in the didactical activities, facilitating the student centered learning by active methods.

The teachers that took part in the event showed interest in this project, considering that it aims for a pedagogical component that is not very developed in the Romanian Educational System.