SIVECO Romania awarded as “Best Partner of the Bucharest General Police Department” in 2006 | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania awarded as “Best Partner of the Bucharest General Police Department” in 2006

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bucharest, 14th of September 2006 - “The week for delinquency prevention” public information campaign, a very important event in the consolidation of our society, takes place at national level, between 11th-17th of September 2006. This event’s organizers are the Bucharest General Police Department along with County Police Inspectorates and in collaboration with the institute “Initiative for East European Democracy” specialized in communication.

During the opening ceremony at M.A.I.’s Cultural Centre, SIVECO Romania has been awarded the diploma “Best Partner of the Bucharest General Police Department in 2006”.

This award comes as an appreciation of the company’s efforts to involve in community life through the program “Be intelligent, do not be violent!”. Launched at the beginning of 2006, this program, conceived as a public information and awareness campaign addressed to the citizens in Bucharest (pupils, teachers, parents, mass media representatives etc.) in order to suppress school violence, was run by the Bucharest General Police Department and Bucharest School Inspectorates in partnership with SIVECO Romania and Adentity, a communication consultancy agency.

SIVECO Romania is constantly promoting the idea that one can best fight against school violence only through education stimulation of study motivation and communication. School violence is seen as a lack of social cohesion, a reflection of domestic and street conflicts, while SIVECO Romania considers necessary toextend social responsibility to every participant in the economical and political life, through actions aimed to support this social interest campaign.

Along with educational initiatives conducted by SIVECO Virtual Centre for Excellence, the campaign “Be intelligent, do not be violent!” has brought an important contribution in promoting quality in education, but also in modeling of pupils’ character and behavior through education. Through interactive contests, having as purpose to reveal and promote new talents, the SIVECO Romania supported campaign enjoyed real appreciation among pupils, teachers and parents.

“The distinction received from The Bucharest General Police Department represents a sign of our good collaboration, but also a stimulus for extending our common actions of educational interest”, declares Irina Socol, General Manager of SIVECO Romania. “We are indeed impressed by the projects the Bucharest Police Department is proposing during this week of delinquency’ prevention and we great these concrete actions aimed at consolidating a safer society for us all”.