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SIVECO Romania awards the excellence and creativity in eLearning

Friday, November 14, 2008

University of Bucharest hosted the award ceremony of the sixth edition of the National Conference for Virtual Learning (CNIV). The conference became more and more renown, and is now a point of maximum interest for researchers, specialists in the eLearning field, teachers in preuniversity and university education, consultants, psychologists, pupils and students. 

"Projects CNIV and ICVL (International Conference for Virtual Learning) tend to become research and training schools that aim at promoting and implementing modern ideas in education, in initial and continuous training, supporting the spirit of team work and attracting young people in research and development programs for using modern technologies in education, research and training, "says Marin Vlada PhD from the University of Bucharest, project coordinator. 

The papers awarded in CNIV presented original approaches of specific themes regarding the development and training strategies, project management, team work, implementation methodologies, case studies, etc.

“I'm glad that there is an event of this extent in Romania, with such a wide range of topics. My favorite subjects, the online community of schools and collaborative learning can be expanded for the CNIV community as well. I was impressed by the proper organization, the massive, diverse and prominent presence –from students to preuniversity and university teachers, the papers of outstanding quality and a lot of work ... I learned a lot in 3 days at CNIV, the largest eLearning Conference for Education in Romania, "said Claudia Cziprok, winner of the prize of excellence "SIVECO Virtual Center for Excellence”, teacher at "Mircea Eliade" School in Satu Mare and Senior Teacher in the framework of Intel Teach-Training in The Knowledge Society Program. 

SIVECO Romania constantly promotes the use of modern technologies in education and research. The eLearning solutions developed by the company aim at creating future generations able to perform in the knowledge society.