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SIVECO Romania awards the excellence in developing educational software

Monday, July 2, 2007

Bucharest, 2nd July of 2007 – Recently Bucharest hosted the fifth edition of the SIVECO Cup contest organized by SIVECO Romania in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Research and Youth and with PC Magazine.

2007 was the year of premieres for the SIVECO Cup competition: a record number of teams qualified for the finals (21), among which many at their first participation (teams from Petrosani, Turnu Severin, Cluj, Arad and Oltenita).

This year the theme proposed by the organizers was very appealing - each team had to develop an educational software based on Jules Verne’s work.

The young competitors’ creativity and originality was highly appreciated by the jury, which included important representatives of the academical, educational and business environment: Prof. Univ. Dr. Stelian Niculescu (President of the Jury), Olimpius Istrate (University of Bucharest), Otilia Pacurari (Educaţia 2000+), Marius Deak (GreenPixel), Dan Iancu (PC Magazine), Cornelia Marinescu (Editura Litera Internaţional), Florin Dumitru (SoftByte), Dragos Gursca (SIVECO Romania) and Liviu Beldiman (AltFactor).

The SIVECO Cup competition is dedicated to students with aptitudes, abilities, and interest in developing inter- and transdisciplinary educational software and to teachers who present innovative teaching and learning techniques.

Year after year the submitted projects are more and more complex and valuable, making it more difficult for the committee to choose the finalists an the winners of the competition. The junior teams that include pupils belonging to the elementary education, faced very well the competition coming from the more experienced contestants.

Besides the pupils from School no.7 in Timisoara, who can be considered veterans of the SIVECO Cup competition, in this year’s finals also qualified the representatives of the I.G.Duca School from Petrosani.

The solutions presented by the very young software developers impressed the jury, so both projects were awarded the Honorary Mention.

The big trophy was awarded to Adina Manta, Dan Petrescu, Emilian Dancescu and Ştefan Paun from “A.I.Cuza” High School in Ploiesti, for the remarkable project “Virtual history study”. The coordinating teacher was Irina Savuţa.

The winners will have the chance to present their accomplishment at the Online EDUCA Berlin Fair, where SIVECO Romania will offer them the chance to exhibit within the company’s stand.

The 2nd and 3rd place were occupied by the representatives of the “Grigore Moisil” Informatics High School who confirmed once again the tradition of the informatics education in Iasi.

The project “The Social Conduct” realized by Alexandru Chimu and Vlad Constantinescu with the support of their coordinating teachers Claudia Carauşu and Emanuela Cerchez was on the second place. The team will be given the chance of visiting the Intel Innovation Center in Ireland.

The third place was occupied by Alexandru Perieteanu and Alexandru Buca with the project “Data modeling”. The coordinating teachers of the project were Emanuela Cerchez and Marinel Serban.

I am really impressed to observe the interest and the involvement these young people show for an informatics competition, and how annually the number of submitted projects is increasing. The inventiveness and the complexity of these projects make me wait eagerly for the next edition, to see if these young pupils still have the resources to develop and propose better solutions. And the surprise is that year after year I’m witnessing some exceptional presentations that confirm the value of the Romanian pupils and the quality of the informatics education” declared Radu Jugureanu, eContent Manager with SIVECO Romania and the coordinator of the SIVECO Cup competition.