SIVECO Romania awards prizes to the champions of Romanian IT School | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania awards prizes to the champions of Romanian IT School

Monday, April 5, 2004

5th of April 2004, Bucharest - County Inspectorate of Buzau organizes during 2nd and 9th of April 2004, the National Informatics Contest and the second edition of the Contest of Applied Informatics.

These days 600 pupils and 150 professors coming from all over the country turned Buzau in the "the headquarters of IT specialists" for Romanian undergraduate learning.

Major IT competitions are not only in the calendar of participants but also in that of the companies, that support financially the contests.

The value of the prizes given by SIVECO Romania for the current editions of Informatics National Contest and The Contest of Applied Informatics is of 80 million lei.

"SIVECO Romania has great trust and admiration for these kids passionate for informatics and this attitude does not stop at the statements level, but it is also supported by lots of actions to motivate them. Our campaign involves the sponsorship for the Balkan Information Contest 2003, the ".campion" competition, the SIVECO Cup contest and for the team of Economical Information Faculty within the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, that has participated this year at the finals of ACM, in Prague" declares Florin Ilia, manager of Internet Space Department.

The computerization of Romanian School is a real necessity, determined by the natural penetration of information technology in all economic fields, by the necessity to align to the economic and social requirements, and last but not least by the requirements implied by EU accession.

At the opening festivity, Emanuela Cerchez, Vicepresident of the National Commision for the National Informatics Contest, declares: "We are happy to see that IT companies support the young people with skills in informatics. The companies with tradition in supporting the initiatives in education are there for gifted pupils this year, too. For the young IT specialists, the help of "the greatest" of IT Romanian industry has more than financial signification: that of the trust that specialist in the field invest in them, and this trust is very important for the kids. We thank the main sponsors of the National informatics Contest, and most of all to SIVECO Romania, because it made possible the financial recompense of the champions of Romanian IT field"