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SIVECO Romania at Baia Mare

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Bucharest, 27th of February 2003 - SIVECO Romania aims to continue the presentation seminars of SIVECO Applications ERP solution, meant for its potential customers.

Past years experience proved that people are highly interested in ERP solutions and that direct dialogue between company specialists (with expertise certified by numerous successful references in Romania and abroad) and potential customers in all industrial and commercial fields is beneficial for medium and long term business relationships.

"It is obvious that organizing presentations right in front of our possible clients will become a more efficient practice in order to attract new users for our ERP solution. Taking into account that it is essential for the presentation to have the decision makers present and their time is very limited, we believe this option makes possible the presentation, in a very efficient way for the potential customers, of an indispensable tool for the modern manager - the integrated information system", declares Irina SOCOL, General Manager, SIVECO Romania.

On 27th February a SIVECO Romania team organized at the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Baia Mare a seminar for presenting the application basic features - with examples of the way the financial-accounting, SIVECO ANALYZER management information system, budgets management, maintenance, inventory and purchase management, human resources and payroll components work.

Experienced specialists within SIVECO Romania, with expertise certified by successful references following the implementations at over 135 clients in Romania, presented the application. 

"The seminar was an interactive event, with an audience made up of top management representatives from large companies in Baia Mare, as well as in other cities in north-western part of the country, such as  Arad, Oradea, Satu Mare, Alba Iulia", declares Emanuel Oană, Account Manager in the commercial division within SIVECO Romania.

"Representatives of important IT companies from this part of the country also attended the event. SIVECO Romania is involved in complex implementation activities, and identifying new local partners is an essential component for future development of business relationships", believes Ioana Pană, Business Alliance Manager, SIVECO România.

About SIVECO Applications

The package integration is given by the unitary development conception, by the client/server architecture, n-tier, by the Oracle development environment and database. The same graphic interface is displayed to the user, all components using the same Windows based standard. Data security is treated in a unitary way and  the user?s access rights are defined in detail.

Components development in the integrated package was achieved based on the users? requirements.

SIVECO Romania produces yearly at least a new version of all the components of the Integrated Package, being compatible with the previous versions. The release of new versions is imposed by the users? needs by modifications in legislation and by changes in the information technology environment. 

The Integrated Information System perfectly covers each company management problems from different fields of activity, avoiding redundant solutions.

More than 1000 clients are using SIVECO Application in the world. Among them, over 135 clients are using the SIVECO Applications package (or its modules) in Romania - among the clients in our country we can mention important companies such as RAAVJ, AEROSTAR, Constantza Sea Harbour Administration, SNP Petrom and its subsidiaries, subsidiaries of TERMOELECTRICA, Romanian Customs, The Ministry of Communication and Research and the list could continue.