SIVECO Romania balance sheet for the first six months of 2004 year | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania balance sheet for the first six months of 2004 year

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Bucharest, July 20, 2004 - In the first half of 2004, the turnover achieved by SIVECO Romania was significantly bigger (with over 50%) than the results estimated in the company business plan for this period. This trend continues the favorable evolution from 2003.

According to the IDC research on the EAS market in 2003, the results of which have recently been made public, SIVECO Romania is the leader of the local EAS market. As compared to the previous year, the company tripled its market share, to 30,9 of the EAS (Enterprise Applications Suite) in 2003, compared to 23,9 controlled by the second ranking company.

"Definitely, the privatization process that many organizations in Romania are undergoing now speeds up the purchase of IT tools, which accounts for the doubling of the EAS market in 2003, to a total USD 28 mil", says Mrs. Irina SOCOL, General Manager of SIVECO Romania. "The prospective accession to European structures and the need to align to international market requirements turns IT projects into a priority for all Romanian organizations. At the same time, this international openness is an extraordinary growth opportunity for Romanian IT companies."

The initial projects at the end of year 2003 and the beginning of this year - being in progress now - at private companies such as Topex Public Switching, Hidroserv Porţile de Fier, Senia, Uztel Ploiesti, FC Steaua, Anticoroziv, Romanceram, Dobrogea Biscuit, ProTV, Holcim, UNICOM, Romvag Caracal prove that the solutions provided by SIVECO Romania fulfill all the requirements of a private organization.

The research regarding the satisfaction level of SIVECO customers, performed by TNS-CSOP proves that two thirds of the customers consider that working with Siveco is easy and very easy - 83% of the responders who expressed this opinion belonging to the private companies.

In the first half of this year, SIVECO Romania continued to work on major, large scale projects launched in past years: National Health Security Agency (CNAS), SNP Petrom, Ministry of Education and Research. Also, implementation projects for important customers such as Petrobrazi, BRML, the Bucharest City Hall, Aerostar, ANOFM, MEVA are carried on.

"At SNP PETROM - headquarters the implementation of the complete system for database management and business control" is in progress. This software solution provided by SIVECO Romania is based on components of integrated information package SIVECO Applications, perfectly customized for the business requirements of SNP PETROM", says Ms Aurora CRUSTI, manager of SIVECO Applications department.

The basic activities of the project include:

  • informatization of PECO distribution subsidiaries and creating links with the distribution stations;
  • design and management of the centralized database of SNP PETROM, in order to obtain and follow-up the performance indicators on the company specific (finalization in progress).

At the moment, 26 PECO branches are already operating on SIVECO Applications system, as the remaining of PECO units are under the "parallel running" stage with t he SIVECO Applications system.

"A special accent was put on the implementation of the Cash-Flow Management, which is a standard component of SIVECO Applications -, in close connection with Contracts Management, also a standard component of SIVECO Applications - at the level of the entire organization of SNP Petrom", says Mr. Gabriel LOSPA, Project Manager at SIVECO Romania. "At this moment, all the subsidiaries of SNP and the headquarters can manage their cash flow, following-up the contractual clauses with clients/suppliers/partners and can analyze the business efficiency, based on consolidated data."

The management information system, implemented for SIVECO Business Analyzer component, with information from the centralized database, provides to the company management a real view upon the performance indexes (financial, operational, commercial), thus being able to compare the planning with the achieved and to take action in time in the critical points.

In the IT project for the Bucharest City Hall, SIVECO Romania is about to finalize the implementation of two integrated IT sub-systems of major importance for this institution, namely the Financial, Material and Human Resources Management and the Document and Work-Flow Management components.

"By implementing the 2 sub-systems, the administrative and financial teams of Bucharest City Hall will be relieved of handling papers, records, checking or filling in forms thus being able to focus themselves on can focus on the growth of the internal financial control through quick access to the critical data, information centralization and consolidation", says Mr. Dan TUHAR, Project Manager la SIVECO Romania.

Another successful project carried on in the first half of 2004 year is the one started at National Agency for Un-employment (ANOFM). This project aims to implement an integrated financial system in the entire organization - headquarters and the local agencies, based on components of the integrated information system SIVECO Applications- financial-accounting management, budget management, payroll (components implemented at all the locations), human resources management contracts management and the system for decision support and economic analysis (for headquarters).

The implementation was carried on in parallel at all ANOFM locations and in a very short time - 6 months significantly contributed to the efficiency of the agency, to the coherence and consistency of the input, processed and output data; to the increase of the document processing speed by eliminating the waiting times and the hand-processed documents; to decision support at the management level based on the analyzed indexes.

Other new success stories of SIVECO Romania are those from AEROSTAR and MEVA.

"The most important for these projects was the Production Management component. The coverage area, the complexity and visibility on the market, the business efficiency - are only some of the attributes which describe the contribution of the successfully implemented projects to these two production companies", says Ms. Lăcrămioara Bârseti, Project Manager at SIVECO Romania.

The Production Management component had an immediate effect on the customers, significantly contributing to the following:

  • productivity growth,
  • costs reduction,
  • possibility to monitor the performances
  • control of the production processes
  • growth of information systems security
  • creating the premises for maximum profitability of the production processes
  • planning the optimal use of the resources and processes based on the forecasts and market requests;
  • increase of the efficiency of the real processes and of the customers' satisfaction

"The Romanian economy starts to revive and its exigencies are growing more and more. The needs of software tools for daily work are growing constantly. The exigencies regarding the way the final results are analyzed are also growing: one must be able to make analysis at any moment, in any place, as much simple as possible", says Mr. Sorin DIMOFTE, manager of the implementation department of SIVECO Romania.

Alongside the development and implementation operations, SIVECO Romania extended its trade operations both on the local and international markets, directly or through partners.

The numerous events organized by the company - such as seminaries - which took place in Bucharest or in other cities contributed to the consolidation of the organization image as a real successful business partner.

In mid 2004, SIVECO Romania has a sound partner network in Romania made up of specialists trained and certified for the company's products and carrying out both trade and implementation operations. In the first 6 months of the year, the company also focused on the international markets through the foreign partner network extended in particular in Germany.

"SIVECO Romania products are ready at the moment to meet expectations of the most demanding of our users in Romanian and in Western Europe and America", Irina SOCOL believes.

SIVECO team is now of about 300 specialists, the numeric growth being supported also by the quality growth. Recently, the company passed with excellent results the annual re-audit of the quality system, performed by AFAQ ASCERT INTERNATIONAL.

"All these results make us optimistic regarding the second part of the year and the long-term plans we made for our evolution on the local and international markets", concluded Ms. Irina SOCOL.