SIVECO Romania becomes Oracle Partner Network Platinum Level for the 2nd year | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania becomes Oracle Partner Network Platinum Level for the 2nd year

Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Oracle recognizes SIVECO Romania expertise in Oracle solutions.

SIVECO Romania has achieved Platinum Partner Status in Oracle Platinum Partner (OPN), for the second year running. By attaining Platinum level membership, Oracle has recognized SIVECO Romania for its in-depth expertise and excellence in delivering the Oracle products and technologies which SIVECO Romania has chosen to specialize in.

The main advantage of SIVECO Romania achieving Platinum partner status is the possibility to facilitate its customers access to cutting-edge technologies, allowing increased business performance, with preferential costs.

SIVECO Romania holds capabilities for implementing the product family ORACLE Applications, as well as advanced competences in ORACLE technology.

SIVECO Romania  offers to organizations that run their activities on the single European market its proprietary Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, SIVECO Applications 2011,  based on Oracle technology, using the Oracle database and WebLogic Suite platform, a solution present in Web architectures, a three-tier structure.

As Oracle Platinum Partner, SIVECO Romania is entitled to resell the products based on Oracle technology, having access to specialization and improvement programs for its employees, with direct benefits on the services delivered to customers. 

With its Platinum status, SIVECO Romania receives the high level of engagement, commitment and resources available to OPN partners. Platinum members receive dedicated virtual account management support to build joint development plans and help broaden Specialization areas and revenue opportunities. Additional benefits include priority placement in the OPN Solutions Catalog, one free application integration validated by Oracle, joint marketing and sales opportunities, discounted training and more. For more information about the benefits of becoming an OPN Platinum level partner, please visit: