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SIVECO Romania at BINARY 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Bucharest, September 28th 2005 – The 8th edition of Binary opened its gates today, as an event comprising presentations of products and solutions for the business environment, seminars on large interest subjects and the award ceremony for the eIdea contest.

SIVECO Romania traditionally took part in all the editions of this event, easing the contact of the prospective clients with the company specialists during products demos and debates on the software solutions it provides.

During the event, SIVECO specialists will showcase the products SIVECO Applications, SIVECO Business Analyzer and the eLearning platform AeL Enterprise.

SIVECO Applications Integrated System is entirely developed in Romania, being extremely flexible and fit for the Romanian economy, as it has a strong capacity to adjust to the legislation changes.

Gathering the expertise of more than 10 years of developments and implementation, SIVECO Applications solution developed gradually, based on the various requirements of its numerous clients, successfully assimilating the rapid changes on the Romanian and international market.

The integrated feature of all the components from the package is given by the unitary conception took into account during the development. The user has the same graphic interface and data security is treated uniformly, access rights being established to the most detailed level.

The Information Management System SIVECO Business Analyzer acts as an integrator for the information in the system, the main advantages being:

  • Supporting the decision making process in planning, follow up, control and prognosis;
  • Information support for adopting cost control strategies and identifying sources for profit increase;
  • Synthetic, coherent, consistent and just in time information
  • Graphic representation of the requested analysis, in an intuitive, easy to manage and customize manner.

The predefined analyses are just the staring point of using SIVECO Business Analyzer. Later, the user can define its own criteria and data representation, in accordance with the company specific needs.

The training component within the human resources departments is approached by SIVECO Romania with the eLearning platform AeL Enterprise, the first system of the kind ever developed in Romania. AeL is meant for computer assisted learning, but can also be used for Computer Based Learning.

The system is built on a flexible model, both from the organizational and content point of view. AeL Enterprise has testing features; in order to meet the organizations’ needs to measure the impact and effectiveness of training program in order to further improve employee’s performance.