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SIVECO Romania at BINARY 2006

Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Bucharest, 3rd of October 2006 – As in every autumn, the participation of SIVECO Romania at the traditional meeting of the public with highlights of IT&C sector – within BINARY event, stands as an excellent opportunity for the company’s specialists to meet with potential beneficiaries, to illustrate software solutions developed by the company and to feel the beat of the market. BINARY is an event equally created for: producers and software users, managers and Romanian specialists respectively.

The most important software solutions present at ROMEXPO Exhibition Center, stand 46, pavilion 26 to 28 are: the integrated package for the management of company resources - SIVECO Applications, the eLearning platform - AeL Enterprise, the business analyzer tool - SIVECO Business Analyzer and the document management system - SIVADOC. During the exhibition, the company specialists will present in detail these solutions.

After the UE admission, companies will have to adjust their businesses accordingly with the new requirements of the market. The fact that we will join in a stable market, with potent well-known players, with educated and fastidious consumers represents a milestone for all Romanian companies. These companies will have to identify niche markets that should be supplied with high standard, specialized services, compatible with the new business environment. Information systems solutions represent intelligent and efficient instruments for management.“, says Irina SOCOL, General Manager SIVECO Romania.

SIVECO Applications integrated package is entirety developed in Romania, as a very flexible instrument fitted for the Romanian economy through its strong adjustment capacity to changes in the legal system.  Having more than 11 years experience in development and implementation, the SIVECO Application solution had been developed progressively, based on various requests of its increasing number of beneficiaries, being able to adjust successfully to changes of both international and national markets. The integrated character of its components within the package is given by the unitary concept adopted during its development. The user benefits of the same graphic interface, the security of the data is treated consistently and user’s access permission can be designed up to the smallest details. 

AeL Enterprise eLearning platform is the first system of its kind entirely developed in Romania. AeL Enterprise is designed for computer assisted learning (CAL), and can be used also for distance/un-assisted computer learning (Computer Based Learning). The system is created following a flexible model as regards the organizational point of view, as well as form, the teaching instruments perspective (interactive sessions can be created with the help of multimedia facilities, video-conference, the majority type of MS Office known document, movies and other multimedia materials can be integrated during presentations). Moreover, AeL Enterprise has testing facilities in order to meet the needs of the organizations for impact and efficiency measurements of the learning programs, aiming at continuous improvement of employees’ performances. 

The Management Information System - SIVECO Business Analyzer operates as an integrator for the information existent in the system, having as main advantages:
- Support for the decision-making process in planning, monitoring, control and forecasting activities;
- Information support for the implementation of cost controlling strategies and identification of sources to increase profit;
- Synthetic, coherent, consistent and real time information;
- Relevant, easy to handle and to personalize graphic and charting representation of required analysis.
The nominated analyses are barely the starting point for the use of SIVECO Business Analyzer product. Subsequently, the user can define its own criteria and data representations, specific to the activity of the company.

The Document Management System - SIVADOC developed by SIVECO Romania simplifies the document workflow, reduces the response time for requests and allows follow up of the current activities.