SIVECO Romania Bussiness Intelligence solutions were presented within Zilele BIZ event | SIVECO Romania

SIVECO Romania Bussiness Intelligence solutions were presented within Zilele BIZ event

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Bucharest, 17th of November 2005 - Recently, SIVECO Romania paticipated to the "Integrated IT solutions for companies “ Conference within Zilele BIZ, one of the most important business events of the year. 

SIVECO’ presentation focused on the role Business Intelligence solutions play as a support for management decisions and emphasized the company’s evolution in IT technology for management.

In a competitive market, fast decision making is very important for the company success. For a company efficient management managers need complete, consistent and coherent information, received in real-time, that can point out a rapid and efficient reaction in decision making.

Business Intelligence approach reunites business and IT instruments binding together the defining strategy process and the strategy implementation process. The implementation of such a solution puts forward a business reorganization by the transition of activity automation to that of the processes, by stepping from a fragmentised approach to an end-to-end approach and by improving analysis process. 

SIVECO Romania Business Intelligence model allows such an approach and consists of several components structured by the information they process and by the domain they refers to.

For the structured and unstructured information management SIVECO Romania advance SIVECO Applications Integrated Package - an EAS (Enterprise Applications Suite) solution, SIVADOC - document management and workflow platform, and AeL Enterprise –eLearning solution for companies.

The solution offered for process management and operational and strategic management focuses around the analysis and reporting tool SIVECO Business Analyzer - a Management Information System (MIS). SIVECO Business Analyzer allows specific customization for process monitoring, contributes to the analysis process improvement and  is a support for decision making.

SIVECO Romania offers a complex solution that assures the IT support for all the phases implied by the process of improving a Business Intelligence approach. Implementing the IT instruments offered by SIVECO Romania one could build the mechanisms that assures the transformation of data in information, of information in decisions and of decisions in actions”, said Nicolae Fildan, Area Sales Manager within SIVECO Romania.